How Do I Activate My Norton Product Key

Norton is known to everyone for being one of the most used antiviruses that people install in mobile phones and laptops. This way, you can keep your device safe from all types of cyberattacks and even the data that you have saved would be fine. And these days’ gadget freaks mostly prefer using Norton application in their devices to keep them safe and sound.


If you are thinking of getting the antivirus installed then there are some steps with which your query of how do I activate my Norton product key, will be resolved. There are so many people who don’t know exactly how to install a product key on the Norton app. And if you are trying to find, then this article will help you with that.

Steps To Install / Activate Norton Product key

If you have purchased the online link of Norton from the activate online store then you have to download it first and then install. And for doing that, first of all go the website and follow the following steps.

1.Open the page of the online link of the Norton setup and if you are a new user then make a new Norton account and fill up all the wanted credentials like username and the password that can be used.

2.Now moving on, if you are an existing user then you can even use by simply clicking sign in and then log in your account.

3.Go to the ‘my Norton product’ where you will find all the Norton products that you use and then tap on subscribe now.

4.Moving ahead, now pick one product for signing it and then read all the terms and conditions carefully on the web page.

5.Enter the credit or debit card details on the next page to buy this product and then make the payment.

6.Once you successfully purchase the product, you will get notified on the official email address that you have given.

7.Move on and after you get the access to your product key in the email address, now go to my Norton page to activate the key you have received.

8.Also now, the page will directly be transferred to the download page where you will see the product activated.

9.Later, enter the key details again and tap on terms and conditions link.

10.Once you read all the rules, select the link of agree and then let the license installed.

11.Once the steps are over, it will be saved on your desktop and then you can use it whenever you feel like.

Norton Customer Service

And that’s how you can download and install the Norton product key. Just in case you lose the access, then you have to contact the customer care to recover Norton product key.


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