How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Account

Got your FB account disabled? Well, many users do not believe such situations where even FB disables their account. However, this is pretty much straightforward that even sometimes Facebook disables its accounts when it finds any violations of its guidelines. But this does not mean that you can’t recover your account at all. 

About Facebook Disabled Account Recovery

So before we move forward with the steps on how to recover a disabled Facebook account, let’s just have a look at the reasons that might have caused disablement to your FB account.

Reasons Why Facebook Might Disable Your Accounts

The following are some of the major reasons due to which your account has been disabled by Facebook.

  • You might have been using your account with a fake name
  • You might have been impersonating someone else through your account
  • You might have been posting contents that are not in accordance with the Facebook Terms & Conditions
  • You might have been warned for the violation of Community Standards but still, you have continued to do so

In addition, there might be situations where you have accidentally or purposely cause harassment to other users through your posts or other ways while using Facebook services. However, these reasons may or may not be directly connected to you as there could be some other user who might have hacked your account and causing such issues through your account. Read the next section to know about Facebook disabled account recovery.

So What To Do When Your FB Account Has Been Disabled?

There could be chances that you might have disabled your FB account on your end just because you got bored of it. In this way, you will have only 14 days for recovering your account. On the contrary, if Facebook has directly disabled your account then you will have to make an account recovery request to Facebook to get information on Facebook disabled account recovery.

Steps To Get Back Your Disabled FB Account Within 14 Days

  • Navigate to the Facebook sign-in page in your web browser and enter your account access credentials
  • Get access into your account and then you should see a screen that says- Cancel Deletion or Confirm Deletion.
  • Click on the Cancel Deletion option and then you can use your account for as long as you want

Steps To File Request For Facebook Disabled Account Recovery

  • Head over to the sign-in page of Facebook on your mobile or web browser
  • Now try logging into your account and then you might see an “Account disabled” page
  • Submit your ID proof and fill the request form in the “Additional Info” section
  • Follow the further onscreen prompts and then submit your request to the FB

Furthermore, contact customer service to get more information on how to recover Facebook account disabled.

How To Recover A Facebook Account Without Using Phone Number: Quick Steps

Since, Facebook accounts are as important as any other social media accounts, having login issues with it can really mess up with your mind. However, Facebook account password are easy to recover and one can simply do it with using linked information such as phone number, email address and trusted friends. But phone number and email address are easy choices and they can quickly help you out with your account recovery.

But there are times when users forget their phone number that is linked with their accounts. And this is the reason that the chances of their Facebook account recovery gets low.  However, they can use the email address recovery alternative to get back their account and reset its password. Therefore, read this article further to know how to use email address to recover your Facebook account.

Steps To Recover Facebook Account Without Phone Number

  • Launch your web browser and then navigate to the account recovery page of Facebook
  • Here, enter the email address/username/phone number linked to your account and then hit the Search button
  • Now, select your account and then you’ll need to select the Didn’t get a code option
  • On the next age, select the No longer have access to these? And then you’ll need to select your email address to get the recovery link
  • Next, get access to your email account and then click on the recovery link to create a new password
  • On the next page, you’ll need to create a new password and then confirm it by re-entering it
  • Save the change and now you are good to go with your account

If you are still unable to recover your password then you can use trusted friends method (of if you have set it up in your account) or contact tech-support for further assistance on your Facebook account recovery.



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