How To Fix An iPhone Stuck On The Apple Logo

Essential steps that the users can take to fix the issue of iPhone stuck on the Apple logo:

Have you ever imagined yourself in a situation where you restarted your iPhone for a reason, and now it is stuck on the Apple logo? The first thing that comes in the mind of the users is that maybe it is taking more time to restart. If you have been waiting for long to get it started and still you are not successful, you might get a bit worried.

Methods To Fix iPhone Stuck Not Responding

To Fix an iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo, you can take the necessary steps that will eradicate the issue. We assure you that the below-mentioned steps will be of help to you. If you find any issue after that, you are free to call on the helpline number and talk to the executives.

Steps To Get Rid Of iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo:

  • Put your iPhone into recovery mode:

This is considered as the specific troubleshooting step to rectify this issue. When you are facing this issue, that means that the iPhone's operating system is not working fine. So, when you use the recovery mode, then it will help you to install a fresh version of the iPhone or backup of your data. This simple procedure will help you in resolving the issue.

  • Make the use of DFU mode:

This is kind of similar to recovery mode, but it can resolve the issues of low-level that can be the reason of this problem. You will require some practice to take this step, but this step is often effective.

Apple support

This is how you can clear out the issue of the iPhone stuck on the Apple logo. The customer support can help you further if you are still facing the issue. Not only this, but they are also capable of iPhone not responding issues. So, you can freely connect with the team for any query you might be facing in your iPhone.


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