How To Fix AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails

AOL mail makes it easy and simple to communicate for your commercial or personal work. It provides lots of features and services that help you to transfer files and documents to another user without much of a stretch. Moreover, it is a free web-based email service that lets all users access its services without charging any single penny. 

Why Is My AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails? Get Complete Information To Fix It

Although it offers glitch-free services sometimes due to an additional factor, you may see AOL not responding issue. In such cases, you can either contact the AOL Mail support team or follow the given instructions to fix the issue. 

Ways To Fix AOL Mails Not Receiving Mails 

Turn Off/On Wi-Fi or Mobile Network

If you’re not receiving emails on your AOL mail account, then you must check the internet connection of your device. First of all, you need to make sure that your device has internet connectivity with strong signals. Because of the poor speed of the internet, your AOL mail page can't load AOL and it seems that you’re not receiving emails on your account. 

Quit and Relaunch the App 

You should log out to your account on your AOL app and also, exit the app by sliding up the application. When you completely close the app and reopen it, you will see the issue is fixed and you have new emails in your inbox. 

Check AOL App Update 

You should not neglect the update notification for your AOL app. As sometimes, the user unknowingly igone the update message and uses the older version of the app. If you may see problems like this hence you need to check the update and install the AOL update to fix the problem of not receiving emails. 

Reinstall AOL App

After doing the above steps, if you still see the problem of not receiving emails, you should try to uninstall the app from your device. Once you uninstall the app, install the AOL app again and log in to your account. In this way, AOL Mail not receiving emails will be resolved. 

Clear Website and History Data

When you clear the cache of your AOL account, it helps to function smoothly and many minor issues can be fixed. So, clear the website data and cache to fix the issues.

Update Operating System

Just in case, if you have a pending upgrade for your device’s operating system, you may see much trouble accessing any service on your device. For such cases, you should install the update and try to log in to your account. 

Restart your Device

Restarting your device can resolve many problems, you should also try to restart the device on which you want to log in. Or else, you can switch off your device for a while and then switch on it. And you won’t see any problem in your AOL account. 

AOL Support

This is how you will be able to fix AOL Mail not receiving emails issues without seeing any problem. Just in case, the instructions mentioned above won’t help you and the issue still persists, contact the AOL customer service team. The AOL support team has technical experts who have many years of experience and help you out without any delay. So, make a phone call on the helpline number and rectify all the AOL issues instantly. 

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