How To Fix Couldn't Com­muni­cate With Google Home Error

Google Home can show multiple errors. You need to look after the error and work on it. The common error that Google Home can encounter is a communication error. In this error, you cannot communicate with Google Home due to some reason. The reason behind this can be many. So, in order to Fix Google Home Mini Error, you need to perform some basic steps. The steps that are mentioned below will definitely help you out to get rid of this common error.

Quick Fix To Resolve The Google Home Could Not Communicate Error

Given below are the fixes that will help you to Fix Google Home Mini Error. Have a look.

  • The first thing you can do is restart your device. This will give a great kick to your device which will allow Google Home to work properly.
  • Check for any available software update of your device. Sometimes, if any updates are available, Google Home stops working. You need to keep an eye on any available updates.
  • Always use the accessories provided for Google Home. If you use the power adapter and cable of some other device, then it may lead to an issue in your Google Home.
  • Ensure that your wifi is in the range of your Google Home. If there is any sort of disturbance in your wifi, it will create an issue in Google Home.
  • Keep your Google Home app up-to-date. This will allow the device to work in a better and more smooth manner. Google Home cannot work properly with an outdated application.
  • It will be better to uninstall your Google Home app and then install it again. This will give a quick start to your Google Home application.
  • Turn on Bluetooth. To do so, reboot your Google Home app and look for the Bluetooth option. 
  • In order to make your Google Home app work smoothly, turn on the airplane mode. This will help to fix multiple issues of Google Home.
  • Forget the wifi network that you are using after which connect it again to check whether your Google Home is working in a correct manner or not.
  • Ensure that the account that you are using for the Google Home app is correct and updated.
  • If still the issue continues, reset your Google Home app.

Google Home Support

 So, these are all about how to Fix could not communicate with Google Home Error. You can also get in touch with the customer service team of Google for any sort of issue. 


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