How To Fix Google App Not Working

Google application search is a simple tool in which many of us are engaged every day. Google application issues are hard to rectify if their cause is due to any kind of bug or virus attack. The use of Google Search for applications has become the first choice for users and it is very annoying when it stops working.

Ways To Fix Google App Not Working

Sometimes Google search applications fail to respond and you need to fix Google app not working to display results. A total of six different ways can be there for solving these problems which are listed below:

  •  See the space in your storage
  • Check your internet connectivity
  • Search and reset your mobile phone
  • Download Manager Cache clear & Info
  • Clear Google Play Services surfing data & information
  • Upgrade your Play Store by deactivating and reinstalling the application

Try re-adding more space in your device to fix Google app not working error, if you just find issues while using the search widget. You can drag the widget and remove it after holding for some time. Google search needs a secure internet link to work, Google accesses chrome and it's presumably something to do with your Wi-Fi if it doesn't work anymore.

Your hunt for Google is slippery and you are not able to fix Google app not working on Android, then there is a need to restart your phone and figure out if problems are sorted. As preinstalled with the handset, due to cache, the Google App cannot be re-installed. But you can erase cookies and restore your program to its factory version.

Open the Chrome browser, press the 3-dot icon and pick Menu Settings and then clear surfing data and tap on protection. To fix Google app not working on Android, you need to tap on Transparent Data and search the box next to see the new information of pictures and images. The trouble with a third-party application you have built is that your Google application operates correctly in a secure mode.

Look for the search bar of Google and drag it to the phone to fix Google app not working. For this, you need to press and hold a spot on the home screen and pick widgets from the options to upgrade the program. Uninstall & reinstall your device's Google accounts by simply deleting the program from the previous app doesn't always work.

To fix Google app not working on Android, you need to uninstall the Google search application by restarting the quest. For doing this, you need to open the Google application on your device and click on the icon at the top of the profile. Then tap on Google Account Management and press on the Site & Application Operation tab under Data & Personalization. At last, you need to turn off the site & restart Google software application.


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