How To Fix Google Duo Not Show­ing Contacts on Android

In today’s time, online video calls have become a major necessity, and what can be the best option then Google’s very own Duo for making video calls or send video messages to other users. Google Duo is already quite popular for its amazing features that lets you video call other users whether to an individual or a group.  Plus, it also lets you connect with someone whose phone number isn’t saved into your phone book. Since, Google Duo is compatible with both iPhone & Android devices, you won’t have to filter your contacts based on what OS device they use for making calls.

Ways To Fix Google Duo Is Not Showing Contacts On Android Or iPhone

However, there are times, when users have reported that their Duo isn’t able to show the contacts from their phonebook. Well, this could be quite irritating while making important calls and also hamper workflow. But there are simple ways to Fix Google Duo Not Showing Con­tacts on Android or iPhone without any hassle. Hence, read further to know about the common reasons and fixes to get rid of such Google Duo issue.

Why Your Google Due Is Unable To Show Contacts: Reasons

  • Incorrect configured app permissions
  • Corrupt cache files
  • Slow Internet
  • Un-updated Application

Methods To Fix Google Duo Unable To Show Contacts Issue

Download The Updates

Whether you wish to Fix Google Duo Not Show­ing Con­tacts on iPhone or other devices, you should start with updating the application to its latest version. Hence, go to your App Store or Play Store, and download & install the updates for your Duo app to see if it works fine.

Check Duo Permissions

For Android

  • Go to Settings menu, then select Privacy and then tap on Permission manager.
  • Tap Contacts, select Duo from the list of apps and then enable the ‘Contact Access For This App’ option.

 For iPhone

  • In your iPhone, open its Settings, then tap on Google Duo and see if Contacts is enabled.
  • If not, then toggle off the button and then turn it back on.
  • Launch Google Duo and see if the missing contacts are now appearing.

This should Fix Google Duo Not Showing Contacts on iPhone without any hassle.

Try Inviting Someone To Your Google Duo

  • On your device, launch the Duo app, then tap on Video call icon.
  • Search for the contact that you wish to invite, and tap Invite. 
  •  Tap on Send to fetch the default invite SMS to another user.

Google Duo Tech Support

Moreover, if you are still unable to Fix Google Duo Not Show­ing Contacts on Android, then get in touch with the tech-experts and get proper assistance.


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