Fix Google Lens Translate Not Working

Google lens translate is one of the most used features of the app that allows capturing text in real-time from the images. While the Google lens app barely shows any problem, but at the same time, many people have reported issues with translate feature. The Google lens app is used various devices like android, or iOS, as well as, translate feature, also works quite well most of the time. However, if you encounter any error and looking for the proper solutions to fix Google Lens Translate not working then gather accurate information from below.

Methods To Fix Google Lens Translate Not Working On Android

If you are looking for the suitable methods to fix Google Lens Translate not working on Android, then get right details from below:

Check mobile data or Wi Fi

  • At first you need to check your android mobile data or Wi Fi when Google lens translate doesn’t work as proper connection is required for it
  • You can try disconnecting your mobile data or Wi Fi and then reconnect again that might fix the Google lens translate error

Clear cache from Google lens

  • Open the Google lens app info on your android mobile when it is not translating images
  • Then from the app info navigate to the Storage and cache
  • After that, tap on clear cache and then retry using Google lens translate

Get Google lens update

  •  Translation service of Google lens might not also work when the app is outdated
  • Therefore, install the latest updated for Google lens app in your android and then retry translation

Methods to fix Google lens translate when not working on iOS?

Although, there is not a dedicated Google lens app for iOS devices, but they can use Google lens indirectly through Google photos or Google app. Moreover, if you are looking for the methods to fix Google Lens Translate not working on iOS, then gather details from below:

Get permission of Google app

  • If you are using Google lens translation in your iOS device through Google app then it might not work without proper permission
  • Therefore launch Google app in your iOS device and go to the Google app settings
  • Then turn on camera and mobile data for permission to use Google lens translate service

Get permission of Google photos

  •   At first access Google photos app settings in your iOS device
  • After that enable the mobile data to get permission for Google lens translate on it

Google Support

In case of any additional query about Google lens and the translate feature you can directly contact its tech support center for proper assistance.


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