How To Fix Google Meet Camera Not Working

Google Meet is a platform created for the ones who wish to meet at one single place from the convenience of sitting at their homes. Yes, it is a web based video calling service provider. It is developed by Google for the ones wishing to attend a meeting or a conference, wearing formal shirt and blazer with a combination of a short pants at their homes.

Step By Step Guide On How To Fix Google Meet Camera Failed Error

But at the end of the day, any application can face problems. If anytime your Google meet camera is not working, you can resolve the situation of Fix Google Meet Camera Not Working with the help of below mentioned steps-

  • Sometimes, when we get the permission notification an application asks to use the hardware of our devices for the proper usage.
  • Like even in Google Meet, it asks us the permission to access our camera and microphone.
  • We should always allow those permissions. But if anytime you deny those settings, then you’ll have to follow the below mentioned procedure.
  • Open your Google chrome web browser.
  • On the top right corner, click on the three dot menu and click on settings.
  • Locate the Site settings option under Privacy and Security and click on that.
  • Locate the name and click on that.
  • Scroll down to the permission section.
  • In the following section, in front of the camera and microphone, change the settings to ‘Allow’ for Google meet.

The above mentioned steps should clear out the problem of Fix Google Meet Camera Not Working. If it starts working fine, well n good. If it does not, follow the below mentioned process.

Check your default camera for Google Meet

If you have another third party webcam application installed, then you’ll have to follow the below mentioned process to Fix Google Meet Camera Failed Error.

  • Open Google meet.
  • Go to the settings section and click on Video.
  • Once you do, it will showcase the options you have for webcam.
  • Choose the one you are willing to use for attending the meeting.
  • Once you do, the page will restart.

Google Meet Helpline

Therefore, this time you’ll have the video on your screen, make sure the additional camera is attached carefully and have all the drivers installed on your system for you to use Google meet on your device. Thus, with the help of above mentioned points one can easily, Fix Google Meet Camera Not Working problem on their device and can continue with their meeting or conference.

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