How To Fix Google Play Store Not Working

Google Play store is a very reputed app that comes in-built in every smart phone or IOS. It provides different apps in one place. Google Play store app is taken for granted because it operates like the intermediate between the user & app generator. Sometimes because of technical issues or because of the update problem the Google Play store stops working or gets interrupted.

Methods To Fix Google Play Store Issues

So to get Fix Google Play Store Issues, then you simply do a few of these steps listed below;

  • You can remove your Google account & then re-enter your Google Account once again.
  • By doing your phone's factory data reset you can fix your problem in the Google Play store.

Steps To Fix Google Play Store Not working

So there could be some issues related to the Google Play store, so to Fix Google Play Store not working, you simply have to go through these points that are mentioned below;

  • You can force close the Google Play store app, for that you have to go to settings, then in apps & thereafter in all & then you can access the Google Play Store & hit on Force stop.
  • By turning on your phone's Airplane mode, not sure this will work or not, but turning on & off Airplane mode makes Google Play store run properly again.
  • Toggle your Wi-Fi on & off it might be the issue of the Google Play store not working.
  • Or you can just restart your router, it might boost your Wi-Fi again & Google Play store can work properly again
  • Or you can simply restart your smart phone that may get your phone's issues recovered properly
  • By simply deleting your Google Play Store data you can easily get functioning back
  • Keep in mind that your apps might work properly, especially when you are dealing with the Google Play store system.
  • Also you should check your date & time settings that may cause the issue of the Google Play store. And you can put your date & time settings to automatic too.
  • Or at last, you can simply uninstall the Google Play store app that might fix you in a way, but uninstalling is not the criteria but getting the old version of Google Play store might make your phone apps functioning slower. For uninstall updates you have to go to settings, then in apps, then click on Google Play store & tap on the uninstall updates.

Google Play Store Helpline

However, if you want to know more about how to fix Google Play Store not working, then just by getting connected with a customer care representative at the Google Play store, will you get out of your issues.

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