How To Fix Google Tv Not Working

If you are a user who has been using Google TV for a long time and is satisfied with its functions then you shall be assured. This TV is said to be the smart TV that has given new dimensions to watching and entertainment purposes. Like smartphones work on fingertips, these devices work on both remote buttons as well as voice commands. 

Hacks To Fix Why Google Tv Not Working

And there are some users who are using Google TV for the first time and are not aware of its functions and other things properly then they shall not be confused as you will soon get used to its functions. However, if you are a user who is facing the issue of Google TV not working and are clueless on what shall be done then you have this piece of information to resolve your issue. Hence, refer to the information mentioned to get the issue fixed. 

Possible Reasons That Causes Google TV To Not Work! 

  1. The very first reason for your TV not working is when it is not connected with the proper internet connection. 
  2. Also, just like smartphones, its operating system needs to be updated. And if your TV is not updated to the latest version then also you can face the issue. 
  3. It can also happen that your TV has a minor error that is unknown and because of this, you happen to face issues. 

And there can be many other reasons which can cause your Google TV not responding issue to arise and you get stuck. To get away with such an issue, you can try some steps below. 

Interesting And Simple Ways To Fix Google TV Not Working Issue! 

  1. Start by checking the internet connection on your device. If everything is fine, then check the network or wifi. If there is no internet connection then you can contact a network service provider. 
  2. Another way to get the issue fixed is by looking for updates. If not updated then proceed to update the operating system of the TV. 
  3. To resolve some unknown error you can choose to restart your TV and connect it once again. 
  4. If the error does not get resolved then you can choose to reset the device to factory settings as this will erase all your data. 
  5. Users can try to take help from any antivirus application so that if the TV is affected by viruses and spyware then it is removed. 

Google Customer Service

Even after trying the above steps to fix Google TV not working issue does not get resolved then you can contact customer service. Customer experts will be looking to your concern and offering the best resolution. 


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