How To Fix YouTube Videos Loading But Not Playing

If you are facing complications with Youtube then there are certain things that the users can resort to in case they would like to get rid of the issues and complications that are faced while playing videos on youtube. Today Youtube is regarded as the most used platform among the users from across the world. It not only provides a medium of entertainment but also offers a variety of things to the consumers. In this paper, we are going to cover the details that are going to help you with fix YouTube videos loading but not playing issues and glitches that one may have while watching videos on Youtube.

Before jumping straight into the quick fix for youtube, let us first consider the possible reasons responsible for creating issues with youtube. So without further ado, let us get straight into this. 

What Are The Possible Reasons For Encountering issues With Youtube

Youtube is one of the busiest platforms in the entertainment industry. There are millions of users who upload videos and also watch it on a daily basis. Youtube utilises multiple load bearing servers nevertheless there are n-number of users and that is why it is normal to face complications and glitches while using Youtube. 

Users may face complications while watching YouTube videos and the common reasons for glitches are listed down under: 

  • Your internet connection is to be blamed if you are experiencing problems while watching videos on YouTube. 
  • If your device is running some external audio programs then it is common to experience issues with YouTube videos. 
  • Different bit rates are also responsible for creating issues while loading videos on YouTube. 
  • You are also advised to run some checks on your browser settings. 

Steps To Fix Youtube Videos Loading But Not Playing

If you would like to fix YouTube videos not playing issues that arise when playing YouTube videos then you are recommended to follow the below mentioned steps that are: 

  • First and foremost, the users are always advised to check with the cookies and cache. As this is the sole reason for experiencing issues and problems with YouTube videos. 
  • Another thing to do is to check for the browser plugins. These may also create glitches while playing YouTube videos. 
  • You can also stick to changing the video quality to eradicate all the glitches that one might face with YouTube video streaming. 
  • It is highly recommended to check for your internet connection. The Internet plays an eminent role as far as streaming YouTube videos are concerned. 
  • Clear away all your browsing data from your device. This will ensure videos run smoothly on your device. 

YouTube Customer Service

Try these fixes, you will be able to Fix YouTube videos loading but not playing error while streaming videos on YouTube. For more such information keep following this space.

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