G Suite not receiving emails

If you facing issue like G suite not receiving emails then just go through this blog and this will help you to solve issue or you can contact to the G Suite Phone Number to sort your issue .

G Suite is the collection of Google apps like Gmail, Hangout, Drive, Docs, Maps, Chrome, Forms, Slides, Calendar, Cloud etc. So with one G Suite, you get it all of the Google apps with one most important feature of shared Calendar and video conferencing, all under the domain name of user's choice. So no matter, where ever you are and with whom, you can access all these apps with one G Suite account. G Suite for work gives you a platform to share documents, slides, to make video conferencing and many business requirements. User can sign up for G Suite according to his requirements like G Suite Basic, G Suite For Business and G Suite for Enterprise. Sometimes G Suite not receiving emails , this blog will provide support to fix G Suite issue.

G Suite Email Setup

People having the G Suite account may find problem in sending or receiving the emails like G Suite not receiving emails . Here user need to check for the MX records of his domain name.  MX record is the record of you DNS(Domain Name System), which shows the accepting or receiving the emails. If your G Suite not receiving emails then you can go for following steps.

Steps to recover emails on g suite

  1. Login to the account.
  2. Then go to apps by clicking on dotted square.
  3. Scroll down and click on Admin.
  4. Here a new tab will open, showing all the tabs and features of G Suite like Apps Manager, Technical support contacts etc.
  5. Go to Apps, then G Suite, then Gmail and then Settings.
  6. Select your primary domain and click on it.
  7. It will show the MX record.
  8. User can ask to the experts from Google Technical Support for checking the problems in MX Records and to sort out that.
  9. Follow the instructions properly.

G Suite Toll Free Number

It may take 2 to 3 days in setting the MX record after resolving the problems. If still your G Suite not receiving emails then ask the experts by calling at the G Suite toll free number. You can also send an email to the tech support team.


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