Google Drive Sync Not Working:

Google offers complete features and services for all users so that they can fulfill their requirement completely. It is the best choice that helps to manage your Google account in many ways. There is an awesome feature like Google Drives that helps users to save their important files and other important videos and images safely at different places. Google Drive has been designed only for the storage that comes with a number of storage capacities. Some people purchase storage every month or some make their storage for a whole life. But the biggest problem occurs when someone faces an error while using Google Drive. If you are really using Google Drive in order to sync files and folders across all your devices that you are using at the present time, you are required to fix it as soon as possible.

Learn on how to fix when Google Drive Sync not working:

If you are using your Google Drive on your Windows 10 or mobile device but the process of using your Google drive is the same and you must have to quite conscious in order to save your Google Drive perfectly. However, if you facing the problem and showing an error that Google Drive won’t sync on your Windows 10 computer anymore, you need to visit the long list of the reason so that you can identify the one valid reason in order to fix the problem in no time. It has been noticed that usually, Google Drive will keep all your files and folders in perfect harmony and it may struggle to work as indented to find out the cause of the error simply. So no matter what kind or the problem you are facing while uploading or sharing your files from your computer or Google Drive especially.

Reason of error when Google Drive Sync not working:

  • You need to check out Google Drive is the latest software or not and then check out the internet service as well.
  • You must have to see Google Drive to is loading properly or not and then move to the next tab.
  • You have to check out the restart and backup folders are responding while syncing or not.
  • You can select the re-installed backup folder so that you can identify the reason and fix the problem in no time simply.
  • If you have just understood that why you are facing this kind of challenge with your Google Drive you are required to go for the specific solution in terms of getting your Google Drive to work fine as it was working fine. So don’t get sit idle instead of that you must have to select the tab and install the basic troubleshooting task perfectly.

Here we go to fix when Google Drive Sync Not Working in its proper ways:

  • First of all, you are required to check out the internet browser is working fine and then go to the Google website page.
  • You can pauses your Google drive for some moment and then go for the restart back up and sync process.
  • It will task a few minutes to sync the files that you stored or backed up already and then move to the next if still not working.
  • You can re-install the backup and sync and follow the on-screen instructions and move the next process.
  • You have to choose the correct account to log with the correct email address and password and press sign in button.
  • You have to know to select the folder that you want to sync and then click on the backup and sync tab showing above of the same page.
  • Select the preferences menu and select Google Drive and make sure that your Google drive is performing well.
  • Now click on OK button and go to the computer’s properties to check out the settings of Firewall and complete the on-screen instructions.
  • You can run your computer device as an administrator and start the internet browser now.
  • You can change the proxy settings and select the favorite menu to complete the process simply.
  • You can also delete the desktop file of .INI and then go to the internet service to manage your Google drive.
  • Close whole tab and again launch your internet browser and select the Google service to log in with the correct user name password finally.

Google Customer Service

Hope you are now using your Google drive successfully. If you still face an error with Google Drive Sync Not Working, contact our Google Customer Service team instantly.


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