Why Is Google Meet Not Working On Chrome 

Google meet is one of the best video conference applications. From business meetings to personal video calls, Google provides the best experience to its users. However, after all, it is an application too, which is nothing but just a piece of software. So, having issues with Google meet is common. 

If your Google meet not working on chrome, then we have discussed some reasons, among them, one could belong to you. You can use them to fix Google meet not working problems. 

Reasons Why Google Meet Not Working On Chrome with Solutions

  1.     Sign-in account

Most of the time, due to some glitch account gets automatically logged out and creates some problems. Make sure you log in to the Google account. 

  • Visit the Google website
  • Click on the blue sign option 
  • If you are working for the organization, then make sure Google meet is enabled by the organization.

This could be the reason why Google meet not working on chrome. 

  1.     Bug issues from Google meet 

Many times it becomes a trouble to join the meeting even the thing is going good. In this, admin, a person who let the outsider join the meeting by clicking on the allow option. It may happen that the admin is not able to click the “allow” option. 

In this, you might have to connect to the support center. Alternatively, you can again start the meeting by clear all the cache, and reboot the device. 

  1.     Depend on the subscription 

Google meet not working on chrome is depending on the type of subscription. It may happen that you have crossed the number of participation list. To get rid of this problem, you can just buy more premium services, such as:

  • Business account
  • Business standard account

 It is a quite basic method to fix Google meet not working problem. Make sure you go through this, and without making the process complex. 

  1.     The Camera Or Microphone Does Not Allow The Access 

Seeing the option, where the request for a camera and microphone has been denied? Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix Google meet not working issue.

  • Visit the official site of Google meet
  • Choose the instant meeting option 
  • Go to the address bar on the chrome
  • Click on the allow option 
  • Click on the “done” option. And you will see a pop-up and click on the dismiss option. 

Google Support

These are the top reasons why Google meet not working on chrome. Follow the solutions too to fix Google meet not working problem. If you face any other issues apart from the above discussed one, then you can contact customer support.


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