Resolve the Google Play Games not working issue immediately

Google Play Games not working so users can go through this blog or they can contact to the Google Play Phone Number. As everyone knows that the Google Play Games is an online gaming service and development toolkit that enables all the android users to play games more efficiently. Besides, the app facilitates users with some outstanding features like Cross-platform cloud storage, leaderboard, achievements, and helps to connect with social media through games. So it's very advantageous to have an account on Google Play Games to play the most popular games throughout the world like Clash of Clans, PubG.

But sometimes, the users have to see an issue that Google Play Games not working and in that scenario, the user lost his cool and almost feel tormented. As all the achievements and leaderboard are at stack and they have to save the data and resolve the issue. If such a situation is faced by you then you should not be worried about it. As all you need will be reading this article to get a reliable solution for the issue.

Steps To Solve Issue Google Play Games Not Working

There are times when a user faces trouble with Google Play Games and would not be able to play the game with the account he or she was created to play the games. The user has to see the sign in error if it is the situation that's troubling you then you should follow the given steps:

  • Before anything else, you should restart the device and then check if the issue is resolved or not.
  • Otherwise, if you are acquiring a strong connection, then, you would require to verify whether the Google Play Store app and Download Manager are enabled or not. And also, you should clear the cache or data.
  • To clear the cache or data, you need to go to Settings in which choose the Device option.
  • Under Device section, you need to click on the App and select All option.
  • Thereafter, you need to click on the Google Play Store or Download Manager. And also make sure that both the options are enabled.
  • If you haven't enabled the options, click on the Enable option and enable it.
  • Further, you will require to click on the Clear data option and then click on the Ok option for both apps in order to clear the data and cache stored.

Moreover, as you complete the above steps, you will be able to clear the cache and the data stored in the apps. Besides, to resolve the Google Games not working issue, you should check for the password protection and content filters. And to do that job, you will require to go to the Settings and where you can reset the passwords.

Another way To Solve Issue Google Play Games Not Working

Apart from doing the above steps, you still persist the issue then you should try uninstalling and reinstalling Play Store app updates. Simply follow the mentioned steps to do so.

  • Firstly, you will require to go to the Settings on your mobile and select the Device option.
  • Then you need to choose Apps option and go to Google Play Store under the All option.
  • Further, you will have to click on the Uninstall Updates option. In this way, the app will revert to the original version that came with your device.
  • Furthermore, you should open the Google Play Store app to resolve Google Play Games not working issue and then go to the home screen of your mobile.
  • After that, you will require to keep wait for around 5-10 minutes so that the app can get self-update.
  • Then you have to relaunch the Google Play Store app.

In this way, you will no longer see the issue with your mobile and you can access Google Play Games to play your favorite games like Clash Of Clans, PubG and all without facing any trouble.

Google Play Phone Number

If customers still have any issue with Google play games so users can contact to the Google play phone number and experts are there for help 24*7 and solve issues.


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