How to fix Google Play Services Has Stopped

Google play service is a background app in your android device that is helpful for keeping your android apps updated and run smoothly. Google play service app cannot be uninstalled from your device. It is used for updating Google apps and apps available in the play store of your android phone and tablet.

Sometimes you receive an error Google Play Service Has Stopped in your android phone or tablet. It is a very common problem faced by android and tablet users. This is a network issue or software error and can be resolved by performing some changes to your android device settings and apps.

To fix this Google play service not working problem which keeps on appearing in your android phone or tablet. You can follow the ways how to fix Google Play Service Has Stopped discussed below:

Steps To Fix Google Play Services Stopped

Restart your android phone or tablet

  •       Press the power button
  •       Select power off
  •       Tap power off to confirm
  •       After device shutoff press power button to restart

Clear Google play service cache and data

  •       Go to settings app and select apps and notifications
  •       go to all apps and find Google play service
  •       Select Google play service and tap storage
  •       Select Clear cache and delete
  •       Go to manage space
  •       Select clear all data and delete

Update latest Google play service version

  •       Go to settings and select apps and notifications
  •       Go to all apps
  •       Find and select Google play services
  •       Select update and let it finish

Check internet connection

  •       Switch mobile data on and off
  •       Using WiFi do the same on and of

Delete Google Account

  •       Go to mobile settings app’
  •       Select account
  •       Choose an account to remove
  •       Tap remove account
  •       Again add your account properly

Change date and time

  •       Go to settings and select system
  •       Select date and time
  •       go to automatic date and time and tap enable
  •       still not working disable automatic date and time’
  •       set date and time manually

Reset factory settings

  •       go to setting and select system
  •       select advanced 
  •       choose reset option
  •       enter erase everything
  •       follow steps to set up a new device

Google Play Customer Service

If still Google Play Service Has Stopped error keeps on showing the last option is to install third-party or Custom ROM. For searching custom ROM available for your android device go to custom ROMs section of TeamAndroid select your android device and download it.

After performing all the solutions to correct Google maps error discussed above it is still not working then you can contact Google support.


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