Google Voice Search Not Working & Responding

Undoubtedly, Google offers its customers with the finest services and products. And one such amazing product of Google include Google voice search service which allows users to use Google Search by simply speaking on their mobile device. Hence, in simple words, one can say that Google voice service has made it simpler for users to perform routine search activities.

Ways to fix Google Voice Search Not Responding Issue

Despite being an incredible service, there are chances that some users might encounter an issue with the service because of technical glitches. However, one can easily fix these issues in time by simply using the simple troubleshooting solutions provided in the article.

But, before heading on with the solutions, let's know about the cause of Google Voice Search Not Working issue.

  • Issues with language settings
  • The microphone of the device is not working properly
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Outdated Google voice application
  • Google voice not compatible with other applications

Besides, various reasons can lead to Google voice not responding issue. Now, to help out the users, here are some simple ways to quickly fix  Google Voice Search Not Working issue.

Ways To Fix Google Voice Not Working Issue

  • Restart the device 
  • One of the simplest ways to fix this issue in time is by simply restarting the device. 
  •  After that, the user is required to check whether the issue is fixed or not. 
  1. Disable the power saving mode
  • Another way, to fix Google Voice Search Not Working issue is to disable the power saving mode. 
  • For this, the user is required to slide down the screen and in the settings option simply disable the saving mode. 
  1. Ensure there is no server issue
  • Google voice search service not working issue can also be caused because of server issues. 
  • Hence, in such cases, the user can contact Google support for the required assistance. 
  1. Ensure that device is operated by the right person
  • There are times when Google voice search is unable to recognize the voice of other users as it is not included in the database. 
  • So, in such cases can make changes in the training settings to fix this issue quickly. 
  1. Update Google Voice Search app
  • Another reason for Google voice search not working issue can be because of the outdated application. 
  • To fix this issue in time, the users are suggested to update their application and check if the issue is fixed or not.   
  1. Check internet connections
  • There are times when Google Voice Search doesn’t work properly because of the network issues.
  • In such cases, the users can either simply disable the internet connectivity and reconnect it to check if the issue is fixed or not. 

Google Support

Hence these were the few solutions that one can try to fix Google voice search not responding issue. Still, if the issue persists, the user can contact the Google Support for required help. 

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