How Do I Reset My Google Home Mini 2

Google Home Mini 2 displays make life easier by helping you do things like access the media, managing your tasks, and plan your day using only your voice. 

Google Home Mini 2 is a product on which you can watch or listen to music or media, control TV sets and speakers, plan your day, get your things done, shop on your speaker, manage everyday tasks, and control your home as well. If you are wondering How to Reset a Google Home Mini, kindly follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

Ways To Reboot Google Home Mini

Resetting your Speaker 

  • On the side of your Google Home device, the first thing you need to do is to switch the mic off. 

  • The lights will then turn orange. 

  • Press and hold the centre of the Google Home Mini, where the lights are on top. 

  • After 5 seconds, your device begins the factory reset process. 

  • Continue to hold for 10 seconds more until a sound confirms that the device is resetting.

What are the issues faced when you reset your Google speaker?

  • Your device might be affected by this issue if both of these come out to be true.

  • Your speaker is not responding when you prompt, "Hey Google."

  • Your speaker remains soundless when you attempt to factory reset it to Reset a Google Home Mini 2.

  • If you are facing such behaviour, you will need to factory reset your speaker using this procedure.

  • Unplug the power cord from your speaker. 

  • Wait for 10 seconds. 

  • Insert it back in, and wait until all four lights on top illuminate.

  • Repeat the first step 10 more times.

  • After you plug your speaker back in the final time, you must wait a few moments for the device to reset. 

  • It then announces and welcomes you to Google Home. To get things started, download the Google Home app on a tablet or phone to let you know that the device is ready for setup.

  • This solution could be tiresome, but your patience is appreciated.

What you can do if you are facing the issue repeatedly and are wondering How to Reset a Google Home Mini. Well, in that case, you can follow further steps mentioned below

  • Go to the Google Home Mini 2 troubleshooting page where you find the way to contact Google.

  • Click on the Contact us tab.

  • The page redirects you to the Contact us form page, where Google asks you to submit the answers to the questions they have provided.

  • For instance, the option which you have to select is Choose from the product family.

  • In that, you need to select the Google Home Mini 2 option.

  • After which, you are given further prompts in which you need to select one from the “Recommendations.”

  • Follow the advice mentioned there; if even that does not work, you have another way out.

Google Home Support

The last option is to contact google, which can be done through Phone support, call back option or live chat, where usually the wait time is less than ten minutes to Reset a Google Home Mini 2. Therefore, this is how you can solve your issue. Also, do not forget to give your feedback on your experience with customer service. 


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