Steps About How To Add Signature In Gmail

Gmail offers user the option to include an email signature as footer in all Gmail messages. The signature can be a text with our contact information, a favorite quote, a photo or your company’s name and so on. The signature can contain up to 10,000 characters.  The signature will appear in the bottom or end of all our mails. The signature gives an edge to our email and also indicates our professionalism. If you want to add an email signature then you can easily do so on both Phone and computer. Just follow the steps given in this blog.

Steps to add Email signature on Computer

  • Open the browser of your computer. It can be any browser like chrome, safari, Firefox etc.
  • Now open the Gmail sign-in page there.
  • Enter your login details like email address and password.
  • Sign-in to the account.
  • Now in the upper right corner you will see a gear option. Click it
  • Select settings option from it.
  • When the settings window opens, go to General settings.
  • Scroll down and you will find the ‘Signature’ option.
  • Beside signature, ‘No Signature’ will show.
  • Beneath it a box will be provided. You can enter the information there you want as your Email Signature. You can also put an image as signature.
  • Beneath the box given to enter signature information, a checkbox will appear. If you select it, it will allow you to insert your signature before any quoted text in your emails. It will also remove ‘—‘ symbol from the line that will precedes it. This will keep your signature visible in follow-up mails.
  • After creating your signature you can scroll down and click 'Save Changes' option.

This is how you can easily add your signature. This signature will now appear in all your emails and replies.

If you want to know How To Add Signature In Gmail through phone then these are the steps

Steps to add Email signature on phone

  • Open the Gmail app.
  • Enter your login details and sign-in.
  • In the upper left corner you will see Settings icon with three horizontal lines. Click it.
  • Now click the account on which you want to add signature.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Signature’ option.
  • Create the signature you want. You can also copy an image and paste it to create it your signature.
  • Now save the changes.

This is the simple process to add signature in Gmail.

Google Support

If you face any problem in creating a signature then contact the Google help center.

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