How To Cancel YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium or YouTube Red services come with various benefits for YouTube viewers. One can easily watch ad-free content on the YouTube, and also enjoy other benefits. However, when users wish to take a break from social media including YouTube or just want to opt out from the paid membership plans, then one can easily prefer to cancel their YouTube subscription plans. Besides, this also helps them in preventing auto renewal plans, and save money as well.

Ways To Cancel YouTube Premium Subscription

Now, if you are also someone who is planning to Cancel YouTube Premium plans, but have no idea on how to do so, then worry not as this post will help you with that. In addition, you can also cancel your YouTube Premium plans on both web and mobile. Hence, read further.  

Steps To Cancel YouTube Premium On Web

You can make your YouTube premium cancellations on any of your preferred web browser whether on mobile, tablet or PC. All you need to do is to login to your YouTube account, and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • At first, visit the official YouTube website into your web browser, then scroll to the Profile avatar on the top-right corner.
  • Next, you’ll need to select the Paid memberships option, then click on the down arrow icon available next to Manage Membership in the YouTube Premium box.
  •  Now, hit the Cancel Membership option, then you might be prompted to submit the reason for cancelling your YouTube Premium. Hence, select your reason, then select Next, and then click on Yes to confirm.

Hereafter, you’ll be reverted back to the free YouTube account after you Cancel YouTube Subscription. However, if you wish to renew your membership, then you can again get back to this page.

Steps To Revoke YouTube Subscription On Mobile

The following steps can help you in cancelling your YouTube premium on both iOS and Android.

  • At first, launch the official YouTube app in your iOS/Android device.
  • Now, scroll to your profile picture (top-right corner) and tap on it.
  •  Tap Paid memberships, then select Manage in the YouTube Premium section.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to open the link in the web browser app, then select Open.
  • Now, tap on cancel from the Under YouTube Premium section, and then tap on Yes to confirm your cancellation of YouTube Subscription.

YouTube Support

Furthermore, if you need any assistance to Cancel YouTube Subscription, then feel free to connect with the tech-experts at YouTube support.

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