How To Cancel YouTube TV Subscription

YouTube is an American streaming television service that offers live TV. With YouTube, you can also get the on-demand video & cloud-based DVR that is from more than 85 television networks. It is owned & powered fully by YouTube that is a subsidiary of Google. Through the YouTube TV subscription, users can very easily & smoothly get access to the TV shows, movies & other entertainment things that can be watched with the YouTube TV subscription.

Ways To Cancel YouTube Tv Subscription

Now as the prices are getting hiked of the YouTube TV & there are adding Viacom CBS, the family of channels along with the most increased prices announced recently. As the prices are jumped from $35, $45 & $50 depending upon when you signed up with the YouTube TV subscription & to $65 is to make sure that many more reconsider their subscription. Now if in case you need to know about how to cancel YouTube TV subscription, that you must know the few points that can help you to give an overview of the cancellation process.

Here are the points for the exact procedure of canceling of your YouTube subscription;

  • Login into YouTube TV account from the web
  • Click on your profile & then on the settings button
  • Therein on the membership tab, deactivate membership

And if in case you need to think before canceling your account, then YouTube will offer you the option to pause your plan for up to 24 weeks, because pausing gives the possibility of pricing tiers arriving on YouTube TV too. Now if only need to know the process through which you can cancel your YouTube TV subscription, so that no hindrance of issue you face afterward.

Steps To Deactivate YouTube Subscription

So, those above-mentioned points are elaborated below as a guiding tool through which you can smoothly & easily cancel a YouTube TV subscription, just follow them for help;

  • At first you have to visit the YouTube TV through the help of a web browser as the subscription is not going to be canceled within the app, for you need to open the YouTube TV website within the web & log in with your account that you want to cancel
  • Then you will head towards the settings option, for that you need to select your profile by clicking on your picture from the top right-hand corner, then there select settings just below your email ID
  • In the settings page look for the deactivate membership tab, just below the YouTube logo you get the option, just click on the deactivate membership tab
  • And at last on the next page you will see the option cancel membership tab, click on it & your subscription for YouTube TV will automatically get canceled.

YouTube Support

However, if in case you need to know more about how to cancel YouTube TV subscription so that you can perform it in an appropriate way, then feel free to contact to the customer service team representative at the YouTube support team, with their official helpline number or via other support options that are available for the help.

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