How To Change Language In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is among the prominently used web browsers across the world. It is likable due to its features, compatibility, speed, etc. There are a number of options in Google chrome which a user can change according to requirement.

Check out the steps to change language in Google Chrome From Russian To English

There are numerous languages in the world which varies according to regions. As Google Chrome is used worldwide, it provides a feature of language changes to its users. There are a number of users who are unable to understand English properly, for them Google has introduced the service of language change in Chrome. In order to know How To Change Language In Google Chrome From Russian To English, a user can follow the below-listed steps:

  • The user is required to launch the Google Chrome browser on a device and then navigate to the menu in the upper-right corner of the screen. The icon has three stacked dots.
  • In the menu, Settings is selected to look for the language settings.
  • Once the Settings menu is prompted on the screen, the user needs to scroll down to the bottom and then click on the Advanced option to get the options for changing the default language.
  • By clicking on Advanced, the user needs to scroll down till the section of Languages.
  • For more options, Languages or the down arrow is clicked by scrolling down more.
  • As the user has the Russian language in the chrome, it can be easily changed to English by simply clicking the English language and in this way, a user comes to know How To Change Language In Google Chrome.
  • Other than this, if the user wants to add another language, it is also possible. The user has to scroll down through the available languages in Chrome. After selecting the language, Add button is clicked and the new language will be added to Google Chrome.
  • Finally, when the changes are done, it should be saved. The settings tab can now be closed.
  • The changes made in the settings will be saved and updated automatically.

Google Technical Support

To get assistance on any issue or know How To Change Language In Google Chrome, the Google technical support can be contacted. The technical support representatives in Google will assist the users with the best solutions for the queries. The Google customer service can be easily contacted by dialing the phone number, via email or using live chat support option. All the contact details are easily available on Google's official website.


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