How Can You Fix PayPal Money On Hold?

PayPal is an American based company accepting and giving access to pay online. Whether you are paying your phone bills or electricity expense even making flight or hotel bookings you can easily pay through PayPal.

About PayPal Money On Hold

PayPal came into existence when the internet had just started paving its ways and not many people knew about it. Not just paying but you can also transfer money from one account to another. All you have to do is attach your bank details with your PayPal account. Since PayPal is into online transactions hence you need strong internet connection. But sometimes because of internet or maybe some unknown reasons, PayPal transactions can get stuck in between. To know about the reasons behind PayPal money on hold refer to below points.

Reasons Behind PayPal Money Transactions Getting Stuck In Between:

1. The most common reasons behind PayPal money getting stuck is because of internet failure or weak internet

2. Maybe your account got inactive for a while

3. Any unusual element detected in your account

4. If you are a seller who accepts credit and debit card payments online but if it’s found that your item is not being satisfactory to your customers, your payment can be put on hold.

5.If you are not selling the product at a reasonable rate

6.If your account has been hacked or you lost your password

Hence above-listed points are the most common reasons behind PayPal transactions on hold.  But if you are still clueless about why my PayPal is on hold you can check for possible reasons online. And to fix it you can follow the below methods.

Methods to fix PayPal Transactions On Hold: you were about to accept any payment from a vendor or client but you still haven’t received then contact the sender first

2.If he has already dispatched the amount contact customer care providing with transaction id and details

3.Make sure ton have strong internet connectivity where you are working

4.Make sure to provide with your correct bank details so that you can get correct payment

5.If you are making payment and it’s a big amount try sending it in smaller amounts to avoid any technical fault.

6.Keep in touch with the other party whom you are paying or if they are paying

7.In case amount gets stuck you will get it refund within 21 working days.

PayPal Customer Support

And that’s all for fixing PayPal money on hold. If you still have any doubt or query contact PayPal Customer Support.

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