Know How To Configure Netgear Router

Every netgear router users may face this issue that how to configure netgear router so this article will help you to configure your router or they can contact to the netgear phone number to take help .

Netgear Router is networking device which forwards data packets between computer networks in other words they perform traffic directing functions on the internet, for different networks a router is connected to or more data lines. Netgear is the global networking company which is located in San Jose, California in United States .Router is one the devices of the Netgear and if one wants to use it one has to look in How to configure Netgear router

Steps To Know -How To Configure Netgear Router

How to configure Netgear router in order to configure one has to take the following steps by Smart Wizard

  1.         First and foremost connect your modern to the internet port of the Netgear router and the computer to the LAN ports
  2.         Turn off the computer ,router and cable modern and turn it on and wait for sometime till the booting gets finished
  3.         In the web browser one is supposed to enter the routers IP address in the mentioned filed and hit enter
  4.         One will be required to login the router
  5.         Default user name is admin and the default password is password and they both are case sensitive
  6.         In case in how to configure netgear router if the default username and the password is not working then one will be require to change the same          otherwise one will be required to do the factory reset
  7.         Click on Setup wizard once the screen comes up click yes and hit next and it will detect the internet connection for the cable internet connection           the Setup Wizard detects Dynamic IP, hit on next and the router save the settings ,one should not change the default settings until and unless             the internet service provider gives the specific DNS information that needs to be configured
  8.         If the individual wants to check if it is connected to internet select Router status under the Maintenance

How to install Netgear Router  by an individual

If the individual wants to set the router then one has to take the following step by Netgear Genie

  1.         First and foremost connect the Dsl port of the Netgear DSL modem router to the phone line which can be done by suing the Ethernet cable which          will indeed help you to connect the computer to any LAN ports
  2.         In the internet browser although one will automatically directed to Netgear genie set up screen  click on yes and hit next
  3.         One will be asked to select the country and click on next
  4.         The setup wizard will detect the internet connection
  5.         DSL connection will require a login in order to connect to internet and it will ask to enter the username and the password and once the details ar          entered click next
  6.         The router will apply internet settings once it is completed , the individual can verify whether it is connected to the internet by simply clicking on          Take me to internet and it will show up with the details
  7.        In case if the individual gets baffled in how to configure internet router or is not able to do so one can seek help from the specific internet                    provider

Netgear Phone number

If user still facing issue that hoe to configure Netgear router then they can contact to the netgear phone number anytime and experts are there to help their customers . User can resolve their issue with the help of technicians anytime 24*7


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