How To Create Rocketmail Account

Rocketmail has been one of the first major, free webmail services, the service is a product of Four11 corporation. Rocketmail users get knowledge that how to create Rocketmail account through this blog ,steps are mentioned below .But in late 1990s, Yahoo acquired the Rocketmail along with Four11 and changed the name to Yahoo! Mail.Since, Yahoo mail! and Rocketmail combined to form a single entity, you can access an existing Rocketmail account through Yahoo Mail just by logging in.

Know How To Create Rocketmail Account through some simple steps:

Step 1:

Open the Yahoo Mail webpage.

Click on "Create Account" on the right-hand side of the page.

Step 2:

Enter your personal information needed to create your account and choose a username or user ID for your new account.

Step 3:

Now,click on the drop-down box that is shown next to the username and select "". You need to click on "Check" to see if your username is available as a Rocketmail account.

If the username is available, agree to the terms and conditions and click submit to open your new account.

Through these simple steps you get to know that how to create Rocketmail account .You can also combine a Yahoo! and a Rocketmail account to form one account to avoid the inconvenience associated with logging into two different account. The E Mail messages of Rocketmail are automatically inboxed into Yahoo! Mail account .

You can access a Rocketmail account in following ways:

1.Open a web browser and browse Yahoo! Mail web page.

2.Enter your Rocketmail address into Yahoo log in field.

3.Enter your password.

4.Click on “Sign in” to access your Rocketmail account

Get some information about Rocketmail

When the Yahoo acquired the Rocktemail engine,the Rocketmail users could choose the Yahoo! ID as they were not made sure for the availability of their Rocketmail ID on Yahoo!, or they could choose username.rm as their Yahoo! ID.

However,when in 2008, Yahoo! revived the Rocketmail brand again, which allowed new users to sign up for accounts under the domain.

But,in 2013,Yahoo! stopped the support to create new IDs under the domain,however, existing rocketmail account were unaffected.

Rocketmail had started the era of EMail, it became very famous in short time, and people loved the product as it sent your message within seconds to the addressee. This was a new revolution in message sending method as the traditional postal method took days to be sent to the  addressee and totally was depended on manual process,so, there were big chances of error, but

the electronic method of sending mails has set another benchmark and ultimately postal system is almost dead till date.The credit goes to Rocketmail to revolutionise the mailing system.

Rocketmail Phone Number

If Rocketmail user still doubt that how to create Rocketmail account then just contact to the Rocketmail phone number and technicians will help you anytime 24*7. User can make a call to Rocketmail toll free number anytime to fix their issue under the guidance of experts.

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