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New users on Zoho have any doubt that how to create Zoho account so just go through this blog or call on Zoho customer service for help.

Zoho email is basically the email service that is introduced by the Zoho office suite. This email service has a smart user interface that is quite simple and easy to learn for its newcomers. Zoho office suite is computer software that contains word processing, spreadsheets, note-taking, presentations etc. The office suite also has the same Zoho email where the user can create either individual or business account. And if you are wondering how does it work or how to create Zoho account then this will be explained later in this article.

Know More About How To Create Zoho Account

This email account came into notice when Google started to ask for money to create a business account. And it the Zoho email that not only provided access to create free business accounts but also introduced with numerous functions for its users. The new functions made to work smoothly and happily to the users. Now if you want to know how to create Zoho account then you may follow the steps below.

Know How to Create Zoho account Effortlessly

  1. Open the web browser and go to the Zoho website.
  2. A sign in page is displayed in front of you. Tap on “Create Account?” option which is available at the bottom of the username.
  3. A new window is displayed where the user is required to enter personal details like first name, last name, gender, birthdate, etc.
  4. After entering all the details, tap on “Next”. In the next step, the user is required to create a unique username.
  5. This username will be used as your email identification. Then create a strong password and move further.
  6. In the next column, the user needs to enter the phone number and recovery email if he wishes to and then tap “Next”.
  7. The user is then required to type the captcha code that is displayed just beside the column. Enter the code correctly and tick on the terms and conditions checkbox.
  8. After reading the terms and conditions thoroughly user is required to tap on “Agree” options to complete the process.  
  9. Your Zoho Email account will be created successfully and you are now welcomed to enjoy its services.

Therefore, by knowing steps how to create Zoho account mentioned above one can easily create his account effortlessly. Also, the user may take the note that mentioning the mobile number and alternate email, it makes you easy to get back your Zoho email account in case of hacking of the account.

Using Zoho Account

Zoho email delivers outstanding service to its customers. Zoho business accounts also help the users to generate leads, gather insights, stay in touch by its effective customer support. After knowing, how to create Zoho account, the users may enjoy all the services offered by the email free of cost.

Seeking Assistance? Get In Touch With Zoho Customer Support

Just like commendable service on email, Zoho is known to deliver seamless customer support as well. The users who are facing any issue may contact the customer support any time as they are available 24/7.

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