How To Delete AOL Account

Often we sign up for the online accounts and then don’t use it anymore. In such a case, you can delete your account permanently. 

Ways To Delete AOL Account

And if you are a user of AOL account then you can delete it if not in use. And to delete the account of AOL, here is the complete guide to delete your account.

Steps To Delete AOL Account

1.To delete the AOL Account, first of all make sure you want to delete the account on a permanent basis. If you are totally sure then go to any web browser and navigate to the sign-in page of AOL.

2.Once done, now enter your username and password and sign in. After you have signed in your account, now go to the menu section.

3.In the menu section, you will find the ‘my account’ section in the dropdown menu.

4.Now on the service page, select the link of my subscription on the left side and then click on the cancel option of the account with which you can easily cancel up the subscription of the AOL account.

5.And after this, a cancel window will pop up in front of you in which you have to tap on the cancel button to confirm the changes.

6.As you confirm the cancellation, your account would be permanently Delete from your account.

Things To Keep In Mind While Deleting AOL Account

If you are thinking of deleting your AOL account then there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you clear all the settings and then delete the account keeping below important things in mind.

1.Firstly if you have already made up your mind to delete the AOL Account then first of all create a backup of all the data and important mails that you have in your mail box of AOL and would need in the long run.

2.After this, be sure of that there are no pending dues of AOL that you have to make. If yes then clear them all and then only you would be able to delete your AOL account.

3.After this, now if you have linked any of your other social media accounts with AOL then remove that and save all the data.

4.The AOL takes three months to be Delete permanently hence between this time if you want, you can log in and reactivate your account.

AOL Support

And hence with this, you can easily deactivate AOL account. In case you have any doubt then contact the customer care team of AOL for the solution.

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