How To Delete Suspended Twitter Account

Twitter is nowadays a very popular social networking platform, where users tweet about their activities, share news and several other activities. As everything has its cons and prons, Twitter is also used for cyber-bullying and spreading of fake news. If under any circumstances, you wish to delete your Twitter account, it can be done easily. But, if your account is already suspended, you need to read out the details of this article to delete suspended Twitter Account.

Steps To Delete A suspended Twitter account 

If your Twitter account is suspended, then before deleting it, you need to revoke the suspension. So, before you could delete suspended Twitter Account, you can try out some ways to get the suspension removed:

  • Revoke suspension by yourself- Sometimes when you are asked to enter your email address or phone number, you need to follow the instructions in the prompt and make your account active.
  • Locked accounts- There is a possibility that a Twitter account gets locked when it is reported. If you are unable to use this for some time, you can try unlocking it on your own.
  • Appeal- If your account is still suspended, you need to file an appeal. After approving your appeal, when your account is restored, you can delete it.

Steps To Delete A Twitter Account

After removing the suspension, if you are trying to delete suspended Twitter Account, you can proceed as follows:

  • Initially, log in to your Twitter account from a computer. The deletion can only be carried out on a desktop.
  • Now, after signing in, you need to open the Settings option.
  • Then, in the next step, request an archive. Before deleting, you can keep a backup of your tweets, so you can request an archive from Twitter.
  • After this, you will receive a file containing your archived posts from your Twitter account. It might take some time, so you have to wait.
  • Next step is to click the option of Deactivate my account. 
  • Before clicking the delete button, you must agree to the terms of Twitter. So, it becomes important to read it carefully.
  • Finally, your action of deactivating will be completed once you provide the Twitter account password.

Twitter Support

For more info on how to delete inactive Twitter account, contact the technical support. The community forums have answers from experts, so you can post a query and get it resolved. You can easily find the details on Twitter's official webpage.


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