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There are millions of clips in YouTube worldwide, the video portal number one. The total duration of the hourly uploaded material covers several hundred years. Keeping track of this enormous mass is like a mammoth task. So if you are wondering how to download youtube videos then this might be the right time for that.

With the best PC programs for PC and Mac, which browse the platform and download videos. Special add-ons for the browser increase the resolution quality permanently - up to 4K. What the platform operator does not provide, upgrade it:

While you are usually only uploaded works yourself saves, add with tools the ability to permanently download videos or songs in MP3 format.

Easy Steps to Download Youtube Videos

Choose the best way yourself: either download via browser add-on or download videos using desktop software.

Equipped with the following tools, the "Everybody makes" principle of the platform is even more enjoyable. To know how to download youtube videos you will have to head further. You may also get the information regarding how to download youtube videos in mobile.

YouTube Downloader & Co.: The most useful tools

For a long time, YouTube and the GEMA (Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights), which represents music producers, could not agree on a compensation model.

Now the dispute is settled: In the future, no more signs will appear on commercial music videos, as was the case in previous years. Both parties are silent about the concrete compensation model, which most users do not care about, as they ultimately benefit.

Because this eliminates the need for programs for IP address obfuscation in the YouTube context: users previously installed tools such as Hotspot Shield pretend another country of origin. For example, if you pretend to be an American, you bypassed the geo-locks - and watched videos that were actually closed to the local region. But there are more to how to download youtube videos if you wish to know.

Save whole videos - installation unnecessary

Would you like to download YouTube videos and pictures? Lean solutions, YouTube Song Downloader HD or YouTube DLG are ideal for this.

  •         The latter tool is characterized by freedom of advertisement and offers several formats to secure clips.
  •         YouTube to MP3 Boom plays videos on a test basis before downloading - so you get an idea of ​​what it's about.
  •         The HD promises to download YouTube videos and scores with its multi-platform capability: Besides YouTube, there are other portals that the specialist searches and prepares their material (thumbnails, thumbnails) on a 3D screen.
  •         In Firefox, the integrated Video Download Helper detects video content on web pages and offers saving. The following always applies: With the format you are free, with FLV, WMV, AVI, 3GP, MP4 or MP3 different file types are available.
  •         You want to optimally prepare already loaded HDD videos for mobile devices? Some downloader tools support this possibility: Locally available files convert VDownloader and aTube Catcher. The first tool even comes with a burning function. The right thing for DVD evenings: the Free YouTube to DVD Converter.
  •         YouTube: The most useful software for the perfect movie experience Thanks to a cinema mode, focus on the essentials with, among others, Enhancer for YouTube.
  •         Thanks to a cinema mode, focus on the essentials, including with Enhancer for YouTube. This also offers Magic Actions for Firefox and Chrome. Don’t miss the following part of how to download youtube videos.

Increase resolution, reduce distraction

Mini Tools with Maxi Effect: This applies to configuration tools like Auto-HD for YouTube. It enforces 4K or Full HD quality, as long as there are videos in this resolution. Superfluous elements with a distraction effect banished Magic Actions: The powerful adjustment tool allows, among other things, to hide video comments and video description. In the upper gallery, you'll also find browser add-ons that reduce videos to the audio portion of online streaming, darken everything but the video image, and display song lyrics. Exciting: changing the playback speed via browser tool. This works fine than with the on-board means of the portal.

Free YouTube Uploader: Set footage

To upload your own movies to YouTube, you need the browser - or Free YouTube Uploader. After selecting the files you want and entering your YouTube credentials, the little tool gets down to business. In the configuration options, there is the possibility that Free YouTube Upload causes Windows to shut down after file transfer has been completed. YouTube does not offer comparable comfort features. Attention: Do not upload videos that violate copyright! If a clip contains protected music, you should remove it before uploading with XMedia Recode.

Youtube Support Number

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