How To Fix It When Apple Maps Is Not Working

Just like Google Maps, Apple Maps is the application that is used by Apple users. Its use is the same as that of Google maps but only will be offered on Apple devices. This application has received quite a good response from the users because of commendable performance and help to users. But it is also not hidden that users might get stuck when using this application and if you are also such a user who is facing the same  issue then you shall not panic. 

This is the place that will first tell you reasons about the issue and then proceed to fix Apple Maps not working issues. So, refer to the information mentioned further in this article. 

Reasons Behind Apple Maps Not Working

  1. When users have not updated their Apple Maps application to the latest version. 
  2. If Apple iOS is also not updated. 
  3. When the user does not have a proper internet connection on the device. 
  4. If Apple Maps application browsing history, caches and cookies are not cleared. 

And there can be many other ways by which you can face the issue of Apple not working. Some of the other issues that are faced by users when using Apple Maps are also discussed below. 

Issued Faced by Users When Using Apple Maps

  1. When Apple Maps crashes and does not open. 
  2. When iPhone location is not accurate on Maps. 
  3. Maps Voice service is not working. 
  4. Also when Location services are not updated or turned on. 

And there are many other issues which can cause Apple Maps not working issues. To fix Apple Maps not working on iPhone you can try the tips below. 

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Apple Maps Issues

  1. Start by checking the internet connection of your device. If not working then contact the customer service or the network service provider if using wifi. 
  2. Check the Apple maps version and if you find it to be an old one then you can update the same from the application centre. 
  3. Also update the iOS version of Apple devices if you have not yet updated. 
  4. Clear the cookies and caches from the settings of the application as well.

If the above tips did not help in resolving your concern then you can contact the Apple customer service. This customer service is 24/7 active and gives on the spot assistance to the users on the various platforms. 

Therefore, if you are stuck the next time then you are free to contact the Apple customer service. 


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