How To Fix Apple Music Not Work­ing On Android

Apple Music is one of the finest services offered by Apple to its users. The Apple Music app is not just limited to listening music, but also it lets you listen to podcasts, radio, and much more and that too on single tap. 

Troubleshoot Apple Music Unable To Work In Android Device

Besides, Apple has also opened its Apple Music services to all the Android users as well, and that is something quite remarkable. However, there are times when users do face issues with their Apple Music application and that is also pretty frustrating.  Now, as per the research, these issues usually occur due to network issues, system problems, bugs issues, etc.

But that is something that users can easily take care of and make their Apple Music app working back on. Therefore, read this guide further and get to know about the top hacks to Fix Apple Music Not Work­ing On Android.

Fix The Apple Music Not Working On Android: Top Hacks

Update The Apple Music

When you update your Apple Music app, then it can help you fix the issues related to your Android smartphone, and other system problems. Besides, it also fixes the bug problems in you app.

Force Stop The Apple Music App

  • In your Android Settings menu, hit the ‘Apps & notifications’ section, then tap on See All Apps.
  • Tap on Apple Music, then on the app info page, tap on Force Stop.
  • Tap OK and restart app.

Restart Your Android Device

  • On your device, tap & hold the power/lock button for 3-5 seconds, then select Restart, and then launch the Apple Music app.
  • Now, check if the app now functions correctly and all the issues are fixed.

Update Your Device’s OS

  • This will quickly help you Fix Apple Music Not Working without any hassle.
  • Navigate to Android Settings, then select System and then select System Update for updating your Android smartphone’s OS.

Remove The Apple Music’s Cache

  • Navigate to the Settings, then open the Apple Music app info page from the Apps & notifications section.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Storage & cache’ option, then select the Clear cache button for deleting the app cache data from your device.

Remove The Apple Music’s Data

  • For clearing the Apple Music’s data, long-press on the app icon on the homepage, then tap on the info icon.
  • On the Apple Music info page, select the ‘Storage & cache’ option, then tap on the Clear Storage icon.
  • You’ll need to launch the Apple Music app again, and then see if all the features are working properly.

Apple Support

Moreover, you’ll also need to checkout your network connection for better connectivity and to Fix Apple Music Not Work­ing On Android. However, if your Apple Music is not working properly yet, then you’ll need to contact the tech-experts.


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