How To Fix Apple Pencil Not Working

Apple Pencil is used for a line of wireless stylus pen accessories which is designed and developed by Apple Inc. It works like a pencil in lieu of a finger for precision tasks like writing and sketching. It can also help you to be used for navigation through the operating system. Most of the users are using such kind of device to prove that it is excellent for drawings, creation, note-taking, and similar tasks at a certain point of the time. Sometimes, most of the users notice an error that Apple Pencil Not Working at this, it will be important to familiar with the cause of the issue to get the clue and get a complete solution at any time.

Ways To Fix Apple Pencil Not Working

You can find the troubleshooting tips for the Apple Pencil app that you can use on all Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. But if you Apple Pencil won’t pair to these devices, you can try to restart the iPhone device and try to pair it again. Yet, if you face the same error and you are not able to get this issue fixed instantly, it is important to check the cause of the issue and follow the trick to solve this issue soon.

Check the battery:   

It is important to check out the battery in your Apple Pencil to work fine and check out the battery status too on your iPad and make sure its battery is working fine.

  • At first, check the Widgets view on your iPhone for the battery status and go to the home screen to see the notification that you can see on the lock screen.
  • Look in the batteries widget and make sure that you have a pencil setup with Bluetooth and a battery is chosen to appear in Today’s view.
  • Check out the battery settings to make some changes and start it to work once again eventually.

Confirm Pencil Compatibility With iPad:

It is important to choose the Apple Pencil compatibility by selecting the 1st and 2nd generations run with different models of iPad. So it is important to choose compatibility to make it work fine. If you still find the same error Apple Pencil not responding, you can try a different method.

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on:

It is important to turn on your Bluetooth when you are going to use Apple Pencil to pair with other devices. For that, you need to go to the settings and select the Bluetooth to turn it on with the iPad device.

Apple Support

Sometimes Apple Pencil app does not support your iPhone device when you don’t maintain the proper settings. At this, if Apple Pencil not working, you are required to contact our tech support team to get the issue fixed instantly


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