How To Fix Apple TV Not Working

Nowadays, Apple TV is widely used as the users find it trouble-free. However, sometimes common issues such as slow performance, unexpected freezing of the screen. etc. are encountered on the Apple TV.

How Can You Fix The Issue Of Apple TV Not Working

If you are unable to use your Apple TV or there is some network issue, you can try some simple solutions to get access. Here in this article, the issues and fixes of Apple TV not responding are thoroughly explained. So, you can refer to it for help.

Common Issues And Fixes Of Apple TV Not Responding

If you have encountered some issue on your Apple TV, initially you need to know the root cause and then fix it accordingly. Here, the common issues and fixes of Apple TV not working, as listed below:

  • Starting with restart

    Most of the Apple TV issues are fixed simply by restarting the device. To restart the Apple TV, there are three ways- using Siri Remote, using TV OS system screen or by unplugging the cables.
  1. Restart using Siri Remote- In this, you need to press and hold the Menu and Home button simultaneously, till the status light on Apple TV blinks.
  2. Restart from TVOS system screen- You need to use Siri remote. Select the settings, then system and finally Restart.
  3. Restart by unplugging the Apple TV- You are required to unplug all the cables and keep it off for 15 seconds. Plug it back and restart the device.
  • Poor Wi-Fi connection

    Sometimes the issue of Apple TV not working comes when the Wi-Fi range of the router is slow, unable to connect a local network or disconnections. For fixing:
  1. Select Settings and then Network.
  2. On the screen of Network, you need to search for an IP address under the Status tab.
  3. If there is no IP address, restart the modem and if it is there, you can select the network name.
  4. Either use an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi extender.
  • AirPlay does not work

    Using an AirPlay, you can share your mobile data with friends using an Apple TV. In case, it is not working on Apple TV, you can try:
  1. Make sure the mobile device or Mac system is connected through the same network as Apple TV.
  2. On the Apple TV, go to Settings and then AirPlay and Home kit. On the AirPlay screen, you can toggle it to ON.
  • No audio or video

    If there is no sound or video on Apple Tv and the issue of Apple TV not responding is faced, you can try:
  1. You need to ensure that the volume of an external device or Apple Tv is not set to mute.
  2. Try restarting the Apple TV.
  3. Unplug the HDMI cable and reconnect it after some time.
  4. After that, select Settings, Video and Audio and finally the resolution.
  5. Further, select Audio output in the video and audio section of Settings.

Apple Support

If you are facing the issue of Apple TV not working on Roku, you can contact the Apple support. The technical executives will assist you with the required solutions. To reach them, you can use the info provided on Apple website.

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