How To Fix Computer Not Booting

There are times when you may see a booting problem on your computer. However, there is nothing certain to see such issues; the issue can be fixed without any hassle. 

Methods To Fix Why Computer Not Booting

And if you're facing this problem on your computer, you can fix the issue with the help of the information provided below. You can fix computers not displaying error in two ways; either hardware or software. So, follow the instructions mentioned below.

Check Hardware

  • First of all, you need to check the wire connections between the computer and the monitor. You should also make sure that there no loose wire connection or any kind of damage in the wire. On finding any damage, replace it immediately.
  • Also, you must check the monitor's power button. It may be the case that the computer is getting rebooted without any video signal but the blank screen shows it not functioning.
  • You should inspect closely the monitor for any error message. Just in case, the computer doesn't beep or stop during (Power-On Self-Test), you might see “Non-system disk or disk error" or Hard drive not found".

If this doesn't resolve the reboot issue on your computer and you still want to fix computer not booting, you should consult the computer technical support. The tech support will help you thoroughly also, you can check for the software issue on your computer.

Check Software

  • When you see non-system disk error, you should remove the media from optical drives. Also, if any storage media, memory cards, flash drives, and digital cameras are connected unplug them and try to reboot. Yet the computer shows the same error, proceed to the next instruction.
  • You need to inspect the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) settings to make sure that your computer is configured so as to boot through the optical drive. Check your computer's manual to open the BIOS setup screen and configure the drive settings.
  • Moreover, you should insert the Windows installation media and reboot the PC.
  • In addition, you need to follow the instructions to choose the language, time, currency, and input mode. On completing this, click Next.
  • Then select the Repair your computer option and choose the operating system and click Next.
  • After that, you have to click the Startup Repair option under the System Recovery Options dialog box.

Computer Support

With the above instructions, you will be able to the reboot issue on your computer and access your PC without any glitch. Moreover, you still see the problem after doing the above fixes and want to get rid of your computer problem, contact the customer service. The support team will help to fix computer not displaying issue and they're available over a single phone call.


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