How To Fix Frozen Chromebook

Chromebook is a convenient tool that helps users with all sorts of tasks that are involved with the internet. This application has even received quite a good response from the users because of its outstanding services. Chromebook is the one that can be used on any of the devices that you feel comfortable with. 

Ways To Fix Frozen Chromebook

But if you are such a user who is facing issues when working with Chromebook and do not know what shall be done in this case then you shall not panic. It is no hidden fact that for every problem there is a resolution and the same is the case with your problem of Chromebook becoming unresponsive. To know how to fix a frozen (or unresponsive) Chromebook you can refer to the information below. 

Interesting And Simple Ways To Fix Frozen Or Unresponsive Chromebook

  • First, you need to know about Chrome OS so that you can act accordingly. And whenever your laptop freezes or becomes unresponsive then press the Shift and Escape keys together so that you land on the task manager of Chrome. 
  • You will see the list of applications that are running on the Chromebook in a small window. Search the app that is taking maximum resources and energy.  
  • When you find the required app then simply tap on the “End Task” option after selecting the application. 
  • There can be many other reasons which lead to Chromebooks not working. If the above steps did not help to fix Chromebook not working issues then you can try other methods which are explained below. 

Another Resolution To Fix Your Chromebook

  • As Google has introduced a very simple way to download the applications from Google Play Store, there can be many applications that are not used yet. This can lead to the bad performance of the device. Find such apps and delete the ones which are not useful. 
  • If your Chromebook issue has not yet been resolved then the best way get it fixed is by looking at rebooting the device as a whole. Doing so, will not only refresh the device’s functions but also updates Chromebook. 

Chromebook Customer Service

Even after trying the steps above, your issue remains the same then you can choose to contact customer service. This customer is made available on the various platforms and will be resolving the issues without any hassle. 

So, the next time you are stuck, then feel free to contact Chromebook customer service to resolve the issues.


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