Ways to fix Gmail Error 0x8007042b

Gmail is a highly used webmail. It has millions of active users +1-802-618-6092   Sometimes errors occur in our Gmail and this causes us problems. One such error is Error 0x8007042b. The issue generally happens when users try to access Gmail on Windows 10 system. If you are facing this problem and you are unable to use Gmail on windows 10 then do not worry. This blog will help you. We have provided few ways below by which for How to Fix Gmail Error 0x8007042b

Steps About How To Fix Gmail Error 0x8007042b

Connect Google Account to PC

The first thing that you need to ensure is that your Google account or Gmail connected to your Windows 10 computer. If you do not know how to do it then follow these steps.

  • Open your Google account
  • Now navigate to the ‘Security’ section.
  • There the option of ‘Connected apps and sites’ will be given.
  • Open it.
  • Now go to connected apps option.
  • Now check if your Windows is included in the list. 
  • If not, then add it.

Enable IMAP Of Account

The next way to fix error 0x8007042b is to enable IMAP in your Gmail account. IMAP helps in accessing email or account on different web servers from local clients. If IMAP is not enabled it can stop Gmail from opening in various platforms. So check if your IMAP is enabled, if not follow these steps to turn it on.

  • Log in to Gmail.
  • Tap on the gear option in top right corner.
  • Now select Settings option.
  • Click ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ option.
  • Now you can enable IMAP.
  • Save the changes then.

Configure IMAP settings 

It is important that the IMAP is configured properly or it won’t allow Gmail to function properly. Therefore make sure that your configuration is correct. To check or correct the configuration follow these steps.

  • Go to your Gmail account.
  • Open settings option.
  • Select IMAP
  • Fill these details
  • Incoming mail server (IMAP)
  1. Name - imap.gmail.com
  2. Required SSL – Yes
  3. Port – 993
  • Outgoing mail server
  1. Name - smtp.gmail.com
  2. Requires SSL: Yes
  3. Requires TLS: Yes
  4. Requires Authentication: Yes
  5. Port – 465 (for SSL)
  6. Port – 587 (for TLS/STARTTLS)
  • Full name – user’s name
  • Account Name/Email address – user’s email address
  • Password – Gmail Password

Now you can try to connect your Google account to windows and see if the error has been resolved.

Restore To Undo

Sometimes the installed apps can create errors. So either you can delete these programs or restore your windows. Restring will undo changes done on computer. For this you can navigate to control panel and visit Backup and Restore option. Now restart the computer and check if the issue has been solved.

Gmail Support Number

If you are still Can’t Add Gmail Account to Windows 10 Mail ‘0x8007042b’ then you can contact the customer support of Gmail. The executives are highly trained with all technical knowledge. You can share your issue with executive and they will guide you to solve it.

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