How To Fix Gmail Keeps Sending Emails To Trash 

With lots of interesting features and options, Gmail is considered to be the king of all emails. And because of which it is considered and preferred in every country and every user. Developed and managed by Google, this email is not only known for sending or receiving text messages but also is responsible for other tasks as well. And being a Google product, Gmail is also a multitasking email allowing users to perform various tasks. 

Fix Gmail Keeps Sending Emails To Trash

But nothing in this world works without flaws and hence a user may face issues while working with Gmail. So, if you are also such a user who is facing some issues with his Gmail account then you are not alone and there are other people in the rat race finding ways to fix the issue. And we have observed that a lot of people are facing issues where Gmail Keeps Sending Emails To Trash and hence user remains unaware of any notification. So, if you are also such a user-facing the same issues, then you can follow the steps below to fix the same. 

Ways to Troubleshoot Issue Gmail Sending Emails To Trash! 

Every problem arises because of reasons and this problem that you are facing also has many reasons. Let us enlighten you with the reasons and its solutions. 

  1. First and foremost check if the user is not blocked by you. Which means if you block any user then his mails will be landing in the trash. And to fix the issue you can unblock the person from Gmail’s settings. 
  2. Another reason for the email in trash box can be because you deleted the email by mistake and it landed in the Trash box. And this may lead to Gmail automatically trashing emails. To fix such an issue you can click the required email and then right-click to find “Restore in Inbox” option. Your email will be landing in inbox. 
  3. Also from the settings of Gmail, you can choose “Filters and Blocked Address” option. Check the list of usernames which you have blocked and unsubscribed. If any of the usernames that you want to retrieve then you can click on the “Unblock” option. 

Gmail Customer Service

Therefore, with the help of the above information, you can get the resolution for emails landing in the trash. For any further issues, you are free to contact Gmail customer service which is 24/7 active. This customer support will be delightfully helping users getting the resolution that too in a short period. 

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