How To Fix Google Chrome Not Downloading Files

Google Chrome is one of the top services provided by Google that comes as a default web browser in many smartphones and Desktop PCs and Laptops. Chrome allows you to link your Google account with your browser and save, sync, and manage all your web-related activity at a single place instantly.

People often face some problems when it comes to downloading files with the help of your Google Chrome browser and always try to figure out an answer to the query on how can they Fix Google Chrome Not Downloading Files, well, if you are one of them. You are going through the same problem, and you cannot find an escape from this situation, so you’ve come to the right place because the following points will help you to figure out a resolution to this query effortlessly. If you need to figure out a quick resolution to this question, then follow through as the points listed below will help you figure out a resolution to this query in a hassle-free and timely manner.

Steps To Fix Google Chrome Not Downloading Files

You can get an easy way out to Fix Google Chrome Not Downloading Files by following the below-mentioned steps and going through each and every one of them one step at a time;

  • Clear Memory

One of the basic troubleshooting methods is to clear all the cache memory Google Chrome stores. To run a background check and remove all the stored cache and do not forget to wipe out the history memory you have stored in your Google Chrome application. Whichever device you use the Google Chrome browser in, you can wipe the history and the data by going to the History section in the settings category of the browser.

  • Permission Granted

Check the permissions granted list of Google Chrome whether you’ve allowed the browser to save data on your device or not. If you haven’t, then go to the permissions section and give Google Chrome permission to view and access your internal storage and allow it to save and modify files on your device. You can remove the constant thought and stop worrying about the security of your data because Google runs a background check of the files before you download them to your device, whether they are safe or not. If it consists of a risk, then you’ll be notified beforehand, and it will be your call whether you wish to continue with the download procedure or not.

  • Download Extension

Clear and delete all the download extensions you have in your device so that the download procedure doesn’t depend on any third-party download extension or application and Chrome directly downloads all the files if you allow and ask it to do so.

  • Uninstall the Application

If you tried all the above-mentioned methods and you still cannot go through with the procedure, then try to uninstall the application and install it again. Make sure that you download it from the official website and you download the latest version of Google Chrome to enjoy all the updated services provided by Chrome.

  • Check for Updates

After you download the latest version, check whether it needs any minor upgrades or not and make sure that Chrome is under the default settings until and unless you do not wish for some additional settings.

Google Support

Henceforth, the ways mentioned above will surely help you to Fix Google Chrome Not Downloading Files, and you can then start downloading all the required files on your Smartphone, Desktop PC, or your Laptop and enjoy all the services.


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