How To Fix Google Meet Microphone Not Working

Google Meet, a video conferencing solution developed by Google initially it was meant to be for the business meetings and now it becomes a part of every corporate and individual. Well, it’s free and open to everyone.

Methods To Fix Google Meet Microphone Not Working

Despite having such an excellent record, many of the users encounter inevitable hiccups, hassles along the way like if you are on a video call with someone, you couldn’t hear each other then there must be an issue with the settings of the microphone. Well, the fix is pretty simple and try to  Fix Google Meet Microphone Not Work­ing, by yourself.

Some Quick Solutions To Fix Google Meet Microphone Not Responding

Unmute yourself in Google meet

  • A way easier it is simply you need to click on unmute your audio by which you can check the status of your microphone in the Google meet pane before starting of meeting.
  • Aside from the above point, if you are connected with at least five participants in the meeting, then automatically goes to mute and even the host can mute microphone remotely.

Give access to Microphone

For the privacy concern, most of the web browsers block microphone access to websites, and apps like Google meet by default. When you launch first time Google meet, you will be prompt with a message to allow access to the Microphone and you mistakenly dismissed it. But in that case, you can manually grant permission to the web app, this sort of process varies with the type of browser we are using.

For Google chrome

First, you need to tap on the Padlock shaped icon can be found at the left corner of the address bar, and configure the microphone to allow.

If you are using firefox

Well, the process is quite similar to the chrome, first, you need to tap on the padlock shaped icon which you can easily find out at the left corner of the address bar, and uncheck the temporary restrictions to use a microphone.


First, go the preferences (safari menu> preferences), tap on the website choose microphone and configure Google meet to use the microphone.

Choose The Preferred Microphone

In case if your system is connected with a large number of peripherals, then this is quite obvious that Google meet may use a different microphone, one which is the built-in feature of your system.

To avoid such kind of silly mistakes, you need to specify the web app the exact microphone that you want to use it. To get started, click on settings of the Google meet menu and below the audio tab choose the right microphone that you want to make use, and at last save the changes made.

Google Helpline

Besides, above all the points on Fix Google Meet Micro­phone Not Working on Win­dows and Mac, if you are seeking further assistance you can call directly on their helpline number.


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