How To Fix Hulu App Not Working On Samsung Tv

Gone are the days when people used to be stuck on TV screens and watch our favorite serials and movies. But today as the technology has got advanced then hence people have got more rooted to internet. And because of this, today a new trend of binge watching online movies and web series has begun. Hulu app is a similar application online with which you can stream in your favorite shows digitally.

Ways To Fix Hulu App Not Working

If you connect your Hulu app on Samsung TV and Hulu app not working on the device is a very common issue. A lot of users face the issue of Hulu not working but you can fix it with the help of some common methods. To fix the issue of Samsung TV not connecting to the app, here are a few troubleshooting methods.

Steps To Fix Hulu Not Working on Samsung TV

If you find Hulu app not working on smart TV then you can try out below given methods.

1. Turn off the TV and start again

A lot of times TV stops working maybe a wire or cable plugs out or power failure. Whatever be the issue, turn off the smart TV and check if all the wires and cables are properly connected or not. And then re-connect and start the TV again.

2.Reset the network

To connect the Hulu app with a smart TV like Samsung, you need a strong internet connection. And in case if the network is slow or weak, you won’t be able to stream shows online. And in case the internet crashes then you can try to reset the network. Try to switch to a stronger connection or fix your Wi-Fi.

3. Factory reset the Samsung TV

Sometimes because of repetitive use, Samsung TV stops working and hence needs to be updated. You can do factory reset with which all the cache files and cookies will be deleted and you can resume watching movies without any problem.

4.Update the Hulu app

Hulu is an online application and requires to be updated on the regular basis. If in case, your Hulu app stops working, it could possibly be because you haven’t updated it. Hence update the application and then connect on the smart TV.

Hulu Support

And hence you are done! With the help of following steps, you can fix the issue of Hulu app not working on Samsung TV. In case of any doubt, contact the customer care team of Hulu.

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