How To Fix Hulu Not Working On XboxOne

People have nowadays started to use Hulu to watch their favorite TV shows, series, or movies. With Hulu, you can now stream one of the best content that is available online. But sometimes Hulu can also create a problem for the users.

What Is The Procedure Of Fixing Hulu Not Working On Xbox One

If you are an Xbox one user and Hulu is not working on Xbox One, this issue might seem difficult to handle, but you can handle it easily by taking some troubleshooting steps. The users should make the troubleshooting step that we are mentioning below, and this will resolve the issue that you will be facing in Hulu.

Steps To Fix Issues Like Hulu Not Working On XboxOne

Reinstall Hulu:

This issue can be rectified once you delete and reinstall the Hulu. To do this, you have to logout from the Hulu app and then select the app title and highlight it. Then, you have to press the menu button from the controller and then select the Manage app option. The last step is to click on internal and then uninstall. You can now navigate to the right and then choose the Hulu option.

Check on language and settings:

You have to launch the Hulu app and then go to the main menu. You can select the settings option and proceed to choose the system. Then, you have to choose the option of location and choose your location.

Clean the cache and power off:

Cache jamming can be responsible for Hulu not working in your Xbox One. So, to fix the issue, you have to clear the cache and follow the below steps to accomplish the tasks. You will find an illuminated button on your Xbox. You have to press it and hold for 5-10 seconds until it stops to blink and then turn off. You have to remove now your router, modem, Xbox, and other accessories and wait for a minute or so. Then, you have to plug back everything and later try to stream your Hulu again.

Reduce the quality of Hulu:

If your internet connection is slow for a reason, you will not be able to load the high-quality content. So, it would be better for you to manage the playback quality accordingly.

Hulu Support

This is all that you can do if your Hulu is not working. If the steps as mentioned above also did not make things work, then you can contact the customer care for more help. The agents will make out something to get your issue resolved.

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