How To Fix Netflix Black Screen Error

Netflix for today's generation of Millennial is no less than a blessing since we all are addicted to watching web series and online movies. Every other adult spends his or her weekends binge-watching series and movies. By signing up for the membership one can easily start watching all kinds of series and movies on Netflix. But if the application stops working, you might have to fix Netflix black screen with no sound or with it. 

What Are The Ways To Fix Netflix Black Screen With No Sound

Netflix's common issues 

No matter how much we spend our time watching Netflix. As you stream in your account, the screen turns black. Although there are two situations of the Netflix account turning black. Either the account will turn black with sound or maybe no sound. If it is without sound then to fix Netflix black screen with no sound, tap below. 

Steps To Fix Netflix Showing Black Screen With No Sound 

1.Refresh the page by going back to home page 

If all of a sudden Netflix stops working then try to refresh the page and go back to the homepage and try to stream in the show again. 

2. Check the internet availability 

Check the internet connection if its working fine or not. If the internet network is slow, Netflix will not load the videos or sound. 

3.Clear the cache files 

If you have been watching Netflix for a long time and have not cleared the cache then it is the time that you clear it. You need to keep your Netflix browser clean to watch shows hassle-free. All you have to do is to go to the settings option and clear all the cache files.

4.Update the windows option 

If you use a computer or laptop to stream in Netflix then keep updating your windows. Usually, the device we use, if not updated for a long time, might affect the functioning of the applications installed and Netflix is one of them. 

5.Clear Netflix cookie from the web browser

Along with the cache files of the application you use, also try deleting the cookies of Netflix from the search history. Once your web browser is clear, you will be able to run the application even better. 

6.Disable the antivirus software 

If you have installed software in your account to kill the antivirus then it might affect the small-sized applications such as Netflix. Hence if your Netflix account is not working then try to fix it by disabling the antivirus for a while. 

Netflix Support

And done! Follow the same steps to fix Netflix black screen with sound as well. If you still have any doubt so just make a call on Netflix Support to fix all issues with the help of experts.


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