How To Fix Netflix Error Code 12001

Though Netflix is the best online streaming app, unfortunately, users might encounter a few troubles sometimes. Netflix error 12001 is one of the several issues that users have reported. Error code 12001 occurs on Netflix at the time you are watching it on your tablet or smartphone. The main reason that causes Netflix error 12001 is the retrieving problem due to some essential data being corrupted or outdated. More brief explanation about how to fix Netflix Error Code 12001 is given below.

Learn The Methods To Fix Netflix Error 12001

Most of the Netflix users who encounter error code 12001 might not know that what they need to do next when such an issue arrives and gets worried. Therefore, a few potential methods that can help to fix Netflix Error Code 12001 are explained below.

Restart device

  • Foremost solution to fix Netflix when error code 12001 arrives is that you should restart your device
  • Once your device is restarted all kinds of small glitch get fixed, hence Netflix error 12001 can get resolved by doing it

Try another WiFi

  • Sometime, the issue on Netflix might occur when the WiFi connected you have connected to is not providing the required speed
  • Therefore, you should try opening Netflix once again after connecting your device to another more speedy Wi Fi network

Clear data from app

  • A few times, the cache and files in your Netflix app might cause error 12001
  • Therefore go to the device settings and open manage applications tab
  • After that, find the Netflix app from the list and clear data from the storage

Netflix Customer Service

This is how you can deal when Netflix service not working on your device due to the occurrence of error code 12001. On the other hand, a few times, Netflix error 12001 remains even after applying the potential fixes. Therefore, you can contact the customer care center of Netflix and know if there is any server error, plus get technical assistance for fixing the issue permanently.

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