How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Apple Tv

Users usually expect issueless and uninterrupted Netflix experience on their Apple TV and this is not wrong at all. However, this isn’t always the case with everyone, and sometimes it becomes quite difficult for users to figure out what’s wrong with their device or the streaming application. Therefore, this is leads them to get frustrated but nothing.

Troubleshoot Netflix Not Working On Apple Tv

Now, if you are also a binge Netflixian, and have been facing issues with your Apple device then worry not as there are many ways to get rid of the issue. Hence, read this post further and get to know how to fix the issues that may have been causing your Netflix Not Working On Apple TV.

Methods To Fix Netflix Not Responding On Apple TV

Force Restart The Netflix App

  • Double press the Home button on your Apple remote and then launch the Apple TV app switcher.
  • Now, in the app switcher menu, select Netflix and then scroll upwards on the Apple TV remote to force close the Netflix app.
  • Finally hit the Menu button to get back to the Apple TV dashboard and then restart the Netflix app. 

Ensure The Best Internet Connection

  • Hit the Settings icon on your Apple TV dashboard and then navigate to the Network menu.
  • Here, view your current internet network connection status and, If your Apple TV device is not connected then press Wi-Fi options menu for establishing reconnection.

Ensure Apple TV Time Zone Is Appropriate

  • Hit the Settings icon in your Apple TV dashboard and the select the General option.
  • Now, find the Time Zone settings in the General menu and ensure that it is set to automatic or you can set your time zone manually.

Try Using DNS Servers From Google

  • The free Google DNS Servers can help you fix the Netflix Not Working problem without any hassle. Here’s how to install them into your Apple TV device.
  • Go to Apple TV Settings and select Network.
  • Now, select WiFi, find your network name and then select the Configure DNS option.
  • Here, select Manual from the Configure DNS options and then input into DNS server address to
  • Select the Done button to update the changes.

Netflix Support

To know more just go through Netflix Support anytime and experts are there to help you 24*7.

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