Know all the steps to fix Roku error code 006

The video streaming device Roku offers hassle-free services but sometimes Roku Error code 006 appears while using it. If you are facing the same issue and wondering how to fix Roku error code 006, then, you should go through this article.

Why is this Roku error code 006 appears?

The reason behind Roku error code 006 is quite difficult to know but it is for sure this happens when something wrong goes with the IP communication. Moreover, due to heavy traffic, the server doesn't get connected with yours which causes the timed-out condition.

No matter what reason is behind the Roku error code 006, you can get rid of this issue by simply following the below steps.

Perform these steps to fix Roku Error Code 006

With the given steps, you would be able to rectify Roku error code 006 without much of a stretch.

  • The first thing to do is checking the internet network connectivity whether it is properly connected or not.
  • Also, you should try to restart the system in this way, the error can be fixed.
  • Moreover, you need to wait for a few minutes after rebooting Roku, it might consume to get connected with the server.

Roku Customer Service

Besides, if the issue still persists and you are not able to fix the issue manually and worry about how to fix Roku error code 006, then, you should not waste your time and immediately contact the Roku customer service team. The team of technical expert which provides you all kind of support for each and every technical or non-technical glitch is accessible around the clock. Hence you can get support the time when you get in the trouble.

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James Dill

I just bought a tv hisense tv with Roku tv on it from the store Walmart and I did a factory reset on it cause it was a display. After I connect it to the internet and it goes through all the process of updating it I get the error code 006 and I try it several times and did another factory reset and try it again same issues again. I’m at a lost now should I wait till tomorrow and try it again or what?

Erica Turner

Great blog you shared. Thank you for posting. 

Debbie Schewe

My old email is connected to my Roku account. Problem is I cannot access that email I need to change it to my new email how do I do it???

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