How To Fix SbcGlobal Email Not Working

SbcGlobal mail is one of the major email service providers used by a majority of people to access and share emails related to the office work. 

Ways To Fix SbcGlobal Mail Not On Outlook

And if in case you are not able to log in your home acount then Sbc also gives an alternative of accessing its mail account on the Outlook platform as well. However there are still lot of users who often complain of not being able to log in the Sbc mail even in Outlook. 

Methods To Fix SbcGlobal Mail Not Working In Outlook 

If you are also bothered because of the email not working in outlook, follow below given items. 

1. Check the antivirus of the device  

A lot of times a lot of online applications refuse to work because of the settings issue in the device. In case you have not installed any antivirus in the device, new installed applications might not work. 

2. Look for the mail configuration

If you are trying to log in the Sbc mail through Outlooks app then cross check whether you have configured both the mails or not. If in case no then go to the settings of the Outlook and click on add account. Now select the pop/imap settings as instructed and the email username with the password. 

3. Remove the mail account 

If you are trying to log in your Sbc mail through outlook but failing every then make sure to remove your outlook mail account for sometime. However, all your important mails would still be available on the server. 

4. Use outlook on a verified browser 

A lot of times Outlook app does not work maybe because you are not using a safe medium to access your Sbc mail account on Outlook. In this case, you can choose to add your Outlook to some other browser or account.  

SbcGlobal Customer Support

And you are done with the steps of fixing email not working. In case of any more issue, contact the customer support team. 

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