How To Fix Spectrum Remote Not Working

Spectrum Remote is used for accessing online streaming channels for watching web series or films. But often users complain about their remote control not working. But there is no need to panic because you can easily fix it. If you also use spectrum remote and it’s not working then follow below-given points to fix Spectrum remote not working. To find out the steps, tap below.

Steps To Fix Spectrum Remote Not Working

1. If your remote is not displaying light then it’s only because of low battery. All you have to do is replace the battery with new two batteries.

2. In case your remote is not changing channels then follow below given steps.

3. Try pressing the digits related to the channel be it one digit or two-digit and press enter

4. Now cross check the lights and if its working properly but still the channel is not changing then check if there is any blockage.

5. Maybe between the screen and remote there is any object placed because of which remote is not working. Hence remove the object and then again try changing the channel.

6. If there are two or more channels associated with the single remote then make sure you are trying to change channels for the correct receiver.

7. And if the remote is changing the channel but not changing the volume then you need to check the remote. For the steps, you can visit the guidebook.

8. Now if at last you have tried all the troubleshooting steps possible but the channels are stilot changing with the remote then you can contact the service provider for replacing the remote.

9. If there is any spectrum store near you then you can call up them and request them to replace it. Spectrum team will come and replace it at no additional cost.

Spectrum Support

And that’s how you can fix a spectrum remote not working. And for further inquiry, contact Spectrum customer support.   


Joe Bessacini

My remote sporadically changes the channel on the cable box. this is very frustrating as I am o;ny about two feet from the box. can I get a nex box and remote sent to me? this is one of the non recording boxes.


Good Day My spectrum remote will not change channels or access anything on the remote . It will turn on the TV and it will adjust the volume . Can you please advise Thank you Neil

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