How To Fix YouTube Not Working

Being a Youtube user, you can enjoy the online streaming of your favorite music, videos, and more in your preferred language. It has become the world’s leading online streaming platforms and there are billions of users who are using Youtube for their entertainment purpose. You can access Youtube on all kinds of devices using their preferred browser in a very simple way.

Ways To Fix YouTube Not Responding

But sometimes users also confront numerous problems when using it and one of the most common issues which are faced by every user is Youtube not working or loading that causes due to varied reasons. In this article, you will learn about the step by step process to fix the not working issue of Youtube in a very simple way.

Quick And Easy Solutions To Fix Youtube Not Loading Issues:

Solution 1: Is Youtube Down

Make sure that Youtube is not down in your area because sometimes users also confront such sorts of issues when it down globally due to varied reasons. You can check the outage of Youtube online and wait until it resolves.

Solution 2: Update your app

Sometimes using an older app version may also cause Youtube not loading issues and you can simply update it to the latest version in your device and then check whether it is working or not properly.

Solution 3: Clear caches and cookies

Having unwanted caches and cookies in your browser also cause many problems and you can also face not working issue of Youtube. To resolve this issue, you can simply clear the caches and cookies in your browser and then access Youtube.

Solution 4: Restart your device

Restarting your preferred device is another way to fix varied issues and you can fix this issue of Youtube after restarting your device.

Steps To Fix YouTube Not Working On Chrome

Are you facing difficulty while opening YouTube on Chrome? Although, YouTube and Chrome both are the products of Google but it doesn’t mean that the two of them will always works efficiently together. Multiple times, people have complained about YouTube not working on Chrome problem, however it is just a temporary error easily fixable with some simple tricks. Therefore if you are willing to fix the error of YouTube Not Working on Chrome, kindly follow the steps from below:

  • Firstly, you have to close all the Chrome tab you have opened or force quit, then restart Chrome browser and try to open YouTube on it again
  • Next check that the JavaScript is enabled on your Chrome browser. If not then turn on the JavaScript first for enabling the video playback
  • Hardware acceleration might cause error to play YouTube on Chrome. Therefore, turn it off then retry opening YouTube on Chrome again
  • Delete the Chrome browsing history and then retry to visit YouTube as it might resolve the problem
  • At last, you can try to load YouTube by turning on  incognito mode of Chrome browser

In case, YouTube Not Working on Chrome error is still not gone, then get help from a technical personal. You can contact YouTube customer care service for obtaining further assistance regarding the solution to fix the YouTube not working issue on Chrome problem. 

YouTube Customer Support

So in this way and after following the above-given steps, you can fix Youtube not loading issues in a very effective manner. But in case you are not finding these solutions helpful, then contact the customer support team for the required assistance.

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