How To Fix YouTube Playback Error

It becomes very frustrating when the largest online video streaming platform is YouTube. Nowadays, most of the users encounter the playback error while playing a video. To fix it, you can refresh the video page on the browser or try some more fixes. If you are unable to fix the Youtube playback error, you can resolve it by contacting the support.

Steps To Fix Issue YouTube Playback Error

  • Sign out from your Google account in YouTube

The basic solution is to sign out from Google account of YouTube. When you log in again, the issue might get fixed immediately. Most of the time, the issue gets fixed by this solution.

  • Try uninstalling YouTube and re-install

If the videos are not playing on YouTube, you can try uninstalling YouTube and re-install it after some time. You also need to check other apps if any of them is causing the issue.

  • Check for the data connection on the phone

The issue might be coming up due to data connectivity on the device. If the connection is poor, the video will not play and show the error.

  • Change video resolution 

If the video is not playing, you can try changing its resolution to lower or higher, as it might fix your issue.

  • Clear cache, cookies and history from the browser

If you are using the browser to play YouTube videos, you can clear the cache, cookies and history for a proper video.

  • Update YouTube app

You can fix Youtube playback error, by updating the YouTube app on your device as the outdated version might not be compatible.

Youtube Customer Service

If still there is some issue related to YouTube or you are unable to fix Youtube playback error, contact the support team of YouTube. The contact details to reach the executives is available on the official website of YouTube. The executives will be available 24x7 for your assistance and you can reach to them at any time according to the suitable timings.

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